Keeping Us Connected Newsletter
June 26, Issue XLIII
“For the praise and glory of your name, put order into my life.”
St. Thomas Aquinas
Dear St. Mary’s Friends,

We're going to get to St. Thomas Aquinas, but by way of this…There was an article in the paper the other day that on average, Connecticut children have gained 5.5 pounds during the pandemic. Supposedly this is not all bad news because CT kids come out better than the national average which is a gain of 7 pounds. Evidently the cause is inactivity and diet.

Let’s move to human and spiritual fat and inactivity. Along with good desires for the Eucharist, church community, friends and family, vacation, freedom to come and go as we please, let’s all ask ourselves a question: what unhealthy things have I put on/taken in during the pandemic? By “unhealthy” I mean whatever hurts my thriving in body, soul, and mind.

That question comes to mind from another survey just out. It found that apart from evangelicals, most Americans are reluctant (“risk averse”, as they say) to returning to church services at this time. God bless those who make their decisions based on various factors. We should not second-guess people’s fears, underlying conditions, family health concerns, etc.
But whether I attend Mass or not, one question is important: what am I allowing in that’s unhealthy for my soul and journey to heaven? Am I praying? Do I read scripture or some good spiritual reading daily? Do I still seek the means of doing works of charity for my neighbor? Do I seek to grow in the virtues? Do I examine my conscience every night before bed and make a firm amendment with God’s help to change? In short, “Do I have order in my life?”

Prayer for the Wise Ordering of One’s Life

This Newsletter contains a prayer written by St. Thomas Aquinas “Prayer for the Wise Ordering of One’s Life.” I strongly encourage your slow, prayerful reflection on it in these disordered times. It’s long for current tastes, but is worthy of reflection. There’s a video of the prayer below.

Congratulations to St. Mary’s School 8th grade graduates, Katie Hoerdemann, Emma Hill and Liam Pratt.  Emma won at her grade level the Statewide Essay contest sponsored by the Knights of Columbus on the virtue of charity. Emma won the regional Spirit Award and Liam was the regional boy’s winner. Congratulations to you all!

Health and many blessings,
Monsignor Royal

Praised be Jesus Christ!
Now and Forever. Amen.
Also in today’s Newsletter:
A written reflection by Deacon Rick Lawlor:

  • Video of St. Thomas Aquinas “Prayer for the Wise Ordering of One’s Life.”


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