Keeping Us Connected Newsletter
July 31, 2020
Christ, our Passover, has been sacrificed.
-- I Corinthians 5:7
Dear Saint Mary Friends,

A Brief Mid-Summer’s Newsletter

There’s much going on these days in terms of trying to navigate a virus, church renovation, Masses and baptisms in the Hall, School re-opening, a new religious education program, and more. These things will require our understanding and ability to roll with many punches, changes in venues and schedules. So I ask all of you to please understand this and help us all get through the next months, safely, orderly, and prayerfully. And if some things throw off your schedule or are not exactly how you would like them to be, I ask that those crosses and challenges be offered to the Lord in union with his Cross for whatever intentions you might have. And please include the well-being of our Parish in that offering.

And speaking of offering things in union with Jesus, the above video will get us thinking about the immense sacrifice that is the Mass, and how we a become a part of it, regardless of the location. There are also two videos below to help us get our minds centered on the beauty of the Sacrifice of Jesus, his Resurrection and the Sacrifice of the Mass.
Two Last Important Items

Sign ups for Eucharistic Adoration on Wednesdays have been spotty. At least two people are needed for each complete hour. If we cannot be certain of that, we will have to make some hard decisions as to whether or not we can support offering Adoration at this time.

No-shows for Sunday Masses are increasing . In some Masses we have a 10% no-show rate. I realize some of you may have emailed that you can no longer attend, but if you email after the Saturday 9 AM deadline, your spot will more than likely remain open. We are not equipped to officially slot anyone in after the deadline, since the seating planners take the list at that point and begin their Mass seating arrangement. Occasionally, we are able to match a request with a cancellation, but our system is not set up to do that.

Many parishioners would come to Mass if there were room, so please do not sign up if you won’t be attending. It’s good so many people want to attend, and please God, we’ll be able to open to larger numbers soon, but until then, let’s try to be as accurate as we can.

Health and many blessings,
Monsignor Royal

Praised be Jesus Christ!
Now and Forever. Amen.
Also in today’s Newsletter:

Saturday, August 1

Sunday, August 2

Registration for Sunday Masses goes live on our website each Thursday @ 9 AM

All changes to reservations must be made by Saturday @ 9 AM

The 10:30 AM Sunday Mass will be livestreamed
Watch LIVE and afterwards (anytime) on our  Facebook page  and  website

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 12 Noon
No Registration Needed

The Church is closed for renovations

Parish Hall Hours

  • Weekdays 10 AM-4 PM for private prayer

  • Wednesday from 1-4 PM for Adoration

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12 PM for Mass (no registration required)

  • Weekends - for Masses only (registration required)

These hours are subject to change. Please watch your email or look on our website for future updates.
Sacrament of Confession

Tuesdays - 12:30 to 1:30 PM
Saturdays - 3:30 to 4:30 PM

Nancy Bossidy Rec Center (GYM).
Wednesdays in the Parish Hall
1-4 PM

Please remember to wear a face mask and sit at a safe distance.

Available to women, children, and families of all economic statuses, our center will provide physical, spiritual, and emotional health services, treating the whole human person. Staffed by loving and dedicated world-class medical practitioners, we will provide the highest standard of primary care including natural, evidence-based reproductive and gynecologic care for women. Our center will fill the gap that currently exists for women seeking an alternative to the existing physically and emotionally harmful options available as the standard for reproductive and well-woman care.
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