Keeping You Cool All Summer Long!

Our family is committed to keeping your family comfortable every day of the year but especially on those really hot and humid ones! If you have a problem with your AC, we want to help. Whether the issue is something as simple as a system that is sluggish because it needs to be serviced or one that needs a complete overhaul, we are here.

We are fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so someone is always around to take your call. 

After all,
Your comfort is our priority!

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Wifi Thermostat

The Top 4 Advantages of a Wifi Thermostat

Saves you money
Easy to use
Reduces human error
Reminds you when it’s time for maintenance

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Not Too Hot,
Not Too Cold
How to find a temperature that is just right

During the summer months when the weather is HOT, many families will begin their annual feud over the thermostat. 

Homeowners who place a premium on comfort will lower the temperature on their central air conditioning to keep their home at their ideal cool temperature. Other homeowners who worry about their utility bills will argue that if they keep the temperature set to a few degrees higher, you can save some money. 
Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Your home is your haven. The place you go to relax and unwind after a long day. When you are at home you want to be comfortable, relaxed and at ease. If your HVAC system is not working in peak condition, you may find that comfort compromised. It’s hard to relax if you are too hot or too cold. It’s hard to unwind when you have a mysterious noise coming from the area of your AC. 

The good news is…we can help!

Offer of the Month:
WK News

We were humbled to receive a letter from congressman Sean Patrick Maloney thanking WK Mechanical for the positive impact we made on our community. You can read an excerpt of the letter below:

“I was inspired to read of the proactive and volunteer role your business has taken to help the most vulnerable and impacted within our community. The times we live in are not easy but our community’s journey toward recovery is made possible by the advocacy and public service of our neighbors. Your efforts are the positive impacts and unifying spirit we need during these uncertain times."
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