Monday Musings...
Dearest Friends & Family of The Crafting Cottage,

Happy October! What a marvelous invention the printed calendar is. For without it, I would have absolutely NO idea what month or day it is anymore.

Several card-making kits and one scrapbooking kit went out last week for the October Challenge. I am looking forward to seeing what Deborah, Eva, Teresa, Stephanie, Mary Maren, Cherrie and Jeanne will create with the goodies in their kits.

Seven crafters signed up thus far for the "Get Me Through The Winter Club". There is no deadline to sign up for that club. It starts in January. There is a questionnaire that goes out to all Club Members first.

Three ladies signed up for the Christmas Cheer Workshop so far.

Lots of activity going to be happening at The Crafting Cottage (virtually)!

More info about what is happening below.
Christmas Cheer Workshop
This workshop will be scheduled for early November (just waiting for all the goodies to arrive before I set the date). It will be held, virtually, by ZOOM.

Participants will create the stunning album pictured to the right. There are waterfalls and pockets and pages that open up like a book. This is the perfect album to use as either a special recipe book (to give as a gift) or a memory album with pictures and journaling galore.

The Christmas Cheer Collection, by PhotoPlay is gorgeous.

For more information and to register - click on the link below.

The following ladies are confirmed:
Chris T., Eva and Suzanne L.
October Creative Challenge
for Card Makers
The Creative Challenge posed to card makers for the month of October include products from Dare2BArtzy's Autumnal collection filled with leaves, squirrels, plaids, foxes and more!

The kit includes four blank cards that are not your basic blank card. There is a window card, a tri-shutter card, a stair step card and a diorama card.

Participants create cards using the myriad of supplies in their kits. The "Reveal Day" is scheduled for Wednesday, October 28th via ZOOM when everyone will share what they create.

Kit is only $20 and includes the shipping!
Order your kit this week so you'll have plenty of time to create your cards for the Reveal Day!!!

Creative Challenge for Scrapbookers
in the month of October
Scrapbookers requested a challenge be presented to them, too.

Using a more winter themed paper collection from Dare2BArtzy - scrapbookers can create several layouts and/or a mini-album with the goodies in their kit.

The "Reveal Day" is also on Wednesday, October 28th - virtually - via ZOOM.

Order this week so you have plenty of time to create your projects.

Kit is also $20 with free shipping.

Crafting Cottage Inn Musings...
Updates & Upgrades

  • Contactless check-in and check-out
  • Private guest rooms for all guests
  • Private bathroom for most guests
  • Onsite retail shop with updated purchasing & payment options
  • Sanitizing stations throughout Inn
  • Air filtration system in large workshop room
What's Happening At the Inn?
Last week I shared with you all the changes being made at the Inn. This week, I will clarify some of the information.

As of January, 2021 - the rate to stay at the Inn is one price for a typical Friday to Sunday stay. The fee is $800.00 plus applicable room and sales tax which can be divided up by the number of guests staying at the Inn.

4 guests = $200.00 each + taxes
3 guests = $267.00 each + taxes
2 guests = $400.00 each + taxes

The maximum number of guests that will be able to stay at the Inn for 2021 (as of this Musings) will be four.

"Why only four guests?", I was asked. The reason is so that each guest will have a private room. There are only four guest rooms currently at the Inn.

I was also able to configure a safe crafting space for four ladies in the large workshop room which cemented my decision to limit the number of guests to four.

For those groups that wish to stay an extra day or two, the rate is simply an additional $100.00/per day - which will be divided up amongst the number of guests staying the extra day. If only two crafters out of a group of four want to arrive on a Thursday instead of a Friday - the two simply split the $100.00 and pay $50.00 each for the extra day. If all four choose to arrive early - then it is only $25.00 additional for each of them.

For those guests that transferred their deposits from their cancelled 2020 dates due to Covid-19 to dates in 2021 - you get to enjoy keeping the 2020 rates that you originally reserved your weekends with. Again and again, I say "Thank You!" for supporting my business and having faith that the Inn would be back in 2021.

For those guests that did not transfer their 2020 deposits, the new 2021 rates apply.

Please send any questions my way by clicking on the link below. PLEASE don't simply "reply" to this Musings as it sends the entire newsletter into my mailbox. Thank you!!!

Online Shop Musings...
There are lots of kits and goodies in the online shop. I have put some items on a special "Sale" to clear them out.

Several crafters have already signed up for the "Get Me Through The Winter" kit Club.

The following ladies are confirmed for the club:
Anne W., Eva, Maren, Cherie, Stephanie R., Suzanne L. and Susan Y.

Here are the details and link for you to join the fun!

How will it work?

It will be a combination of projects-in-a-box that will be mailed to you every few weeks and casual get-togethers via ZOOM to show and tell about your projects.

When you join, a brief questionnaire will be sent to you to fill out. This will let me know what you absolutely LOVE in paper crafting and what you are not very fond of. Your "Get Me Through The Winter" boxed kits will be filled with products personally selected for you with "Challenge Sheets" to inspire you to try and create various projects.

Virtual "get togethers" will be scheduled on a regular basis via ZOOM and you simply join the ones you can. Fellow crafters will share what they received in their kits and what they created with their goodies.

Additionally, I will share pictures and Club Members' tips in Monday Musings for all our crafters to enjoy.

It is my hope that this club will help crafters get through the winter months by having fun creative packages arriving every few weeks filled with inspiring surprises plus the joy of getting together with fellow crafters - even if it is "virtually". At least the good news is one won't have to worry about driving in snow to get to the event! :)))

To join, the fee is $50.00 and covers all four months of your kits (January - April) and the shipping. It averages out to $12.50 each month. You can expect to receive at least eight different kits all personally designed just for you.

Join anytime - there is no deadline to join this club.

For more info and to register - CLICK HERE!

Sharing Projects Musings...
Here are some pictures of projects Sheila and Cherie created last week during the September Creative Challenge event. There were five of us last week chatting and crafting - lots of fun - and all done via ZOOM.

Everyone received the same kits with one exception. In each of the four kits, I placed a "mystery" product that was different from everyone else's kit. The challenge put forth was that the gals have two weeks (one week left) to create cards using their mystery product in addition to the other goodies in their kits. They are to send pictures to me - so we'll see what they come up with!

In each kit were blank cards, patterned papers, ribbon, embellishments, etc. plus the same clear stamp set.

One of the fun parts of the day was when everyone gave a tour of their craft room/area. Whether you have space on a tv tray that you have to fold up or you have a room in your basement, attic, garage or spare bedroom - having a place to craft is very important.
Above card created by our crafter, Sheila.
Also created by Sheila using a different image from the same stamp set.
The card above was created by Cherie. She used some of the patterned paper from Graphic 45 plus the candle image from the stamp set.
This 2nd card from Cherie was created using a green metallic background paper (which the photo does not do justice to - sorry about that). Cherie then fussy-cut the bouquet of flowers out!
Sneak Peeks at Upcoming Classes & Challenges
What's The POINTsettia???
November's Creative Challenge for Card Makers & Scrapbookers will focus around the classic plant that is practically synonymous with winter holidays - the Poinsettia! (More details in future Musings).
Participants will receive more than one clear stamp set.
One will be basic dots.
The other set will be of a specific design pattern.
Several projects will be created in this November Virtual Workshop!
Date, time and cost will be in next week's Musings.
A Special Workshop in November
"Round & Round"
Participants in this special workshop will receive clear stamp sets as well as a special "Turn About Template Tool" to discover how much fun it is to create your own patterned papers!

From polka-dots to distinctive images, this workshop will teach you how to use the products and then - look out world - you will not want to stop!

Projects created in this workshop will include cards, tags and provide ideas for scrapbooking projects.
Personal Musings...
Last week at the Crafting Cottage, I was surprised to find several construction vehicles parked on the driveway and in the parking lot. To my delight - I found out that the gas company was moving everyone's indoor meters to the outside of the buildings so that they can more easily read them instead of trying to coordinate with those that live in the buildings. I was thrilled - no more filling out those cards or receiving those passive/aggressive notes...."We tried reading your meter today. Please call to make an appointment at your earliest convenience..."!!!!

Tara, Brianna and I are enjoying our quarantine together although I am still keeping a healthy distance from Tara and masks are mandatory whenever we are near each other.
The girls have been decorating the house for Halloween and when my hubby comes home at the end of the week - he will be happily surprised at all the wonderful changes they've done.

I am just so happy having both girls home. Next week, October 14th, the movers will arrive at Brianna's apartment in Camillus to move her on to the next chapter of her journey. Brianna wrapped up her Masters and will be working on a new novel that she is writing. Additionally, she opened up her own Etsy shop - which was a surprise to me. She is having a blast designing t-shirts, posters and more. She is an Alice-in-Wonderland fan so a lot of her designs reflect that. I am now requesting designs for her to create (think crafting, books....). The name of her shop is A Wishful Whimsy. I love it! Creativity abounds. For those who wish to check out her shop - CLICK HERE!

I see most towns have cancelled Trick or Treating. Once again, I'll have to take care of all those extra Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that I already purchased.....:)))))))))

I wish I had more news to share about my son, Patrick. However, when his ship is out on deployment - we don't hear a word or even receive a text (for obvious reasons). We know the Navy is crazy busy trying to keep all our sailors safe at sea and they cannot take any chances with one sailor getting Covid-19. Period. To all my fellow crafters out there with children/spouses/any family member serving in any branch of our military - I send you extra strong hugs.

In addition to moving our Brianna into her new digs - I must soon devote time to getting the rest of my crafting STUFF out of the sunroom and down into the basement room that I was working on several weeks ago, I have begun to bond with the space again. It's a bit dark down there - but nothing a few lamps won't cure.

A long, long, long time ago - back when things were "normal", my hubby and I hired Tony Ferrito to custom design and build shelves and cabinets for our living room. He did and he moved the various individual pieces into the house with the help of his lovely assistant, Susan Ferrito! Unfortunately, we had to reschedule Tony actually installing the shelves and cabinets until we could safely have him in the house for a long time. Fortunately, with Tara now home - we have been able to slowly move things out of the way so that (hopefully before Christmas) Tony can install the units while my hubby is at work and (dare I say it) there will be order vs. chaos in my home!!!!

I have always found that it is much easier to clean and organize someone else's home/office/studio....etc.. I used to own a cleaning company back when we first moved to Corning in 1985. I was my only employee. I called it "The Cleaning Elf". I would schedule my clients in the evenings or on a Saturday and the deal was they had to be out of the house while I cleaned. I had several clients that would go out for dinner or shopping when I arrived. I always felt a sense of accomplishment when they would come home and be thrilled at how clean and spruced up their place was.

To clean my own house??????? Not the same.

One of the best parts of the cleaning business was when I was hired to be the exclusive cleaner for a local real estate agency. They were the biggest ones at the time. They gave me a Master Key to be able to unlock the lock boxes to all the homes they had on the market. These homes were all empty and needed to be continuously dusted and checked on as well as completely cleaned for Open Houses. The best part for me was that since the homes were empty - I could bring my three children with me which meant I was able to clean anytime vs. waiting till my husband got home. The kids and I had a blast as some of these homes were mansions and fun to explore.

There were some interesting adventures with these empty homes, too. One time when I had brought Patrick, Tara and Brianna with me, as they were playing hide-and-go-seek, I heard cabinet doors being opened and closed on the second floor. I went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled up, "Guys - remember - don't slam doors please." They replied right away - but standing directly behind me, "We didn't!"

I had to clean that same house a few more times and was alone each time. Sure enough, one night as I was cleaning the kitchen, I distinctly heard noises from upstairs. I decided to go up and have a chat with the noisy spirit. When I reached the second floor landing, I saw that the doors and even the drawers of the linen pantry were all open. I went over to check and be sure nothing was in them. Empty. In a joking voice (more to make myself feel better than anything else), I declared out loud as I headed back down the stairs, "OK, my friend - those doors and drawers had better all be closed before I come back up!"

When I got to the bottom of the stairway, "boom, boom, boom, BOOM!" was heard. I yelled up, "Thank you!" Sure enough, when I went back up later - everything was shut.
Was I afraid? No - because I felt the spirit was a bit lonely and just wanted to have some fun. I do believe in these things - always have. I spotted the sign pictured below a long time ago and am always tempted to post it in the Crafting Cottage!

To you all I say - be well. Stay safe. And, as always - Stay Crafty My Friends!!!!