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April 2019
Thank you, Women At The Well!

The Women At The Well group from St. John's, Carlisle faithfully visits each year. They bring refreshments, gifts for our residents, and engage them in conversation. It is always a delight to welcome them as they provide a bright spot in our day and help to chase away the winter doldrums. Pictured at the left with residents Dolly and Frank, are Connie Middleton, Phyllis Lebo, Meghan McDermott, Holly Gwozdecki, Debbie Kendrick, Carla Fisher, and Carolyn Freberg.
April 17 - Shirley
April 28 - Mary S
April 14 - Tamey
EH Receives Two Grants
The Partnership for Better Health is a community foundation that works collaboratively throughout parts of Cumberland, Perry, Adams and Franklin Counties to positively influence the lives of its neighbors.

Recently, Executive Director Mary Grace Shearer applied for, and was awarded, two grants. One grant helped to defray the cost of replacing flooring in an upstairs hallway. The old, well worn flooring had been in place since 1959. The new flooring provides a clean, safe, even surface for the residents living in that hallway.The second grant was awarded so that Mary Grace, a trained social worker and Family Decision Making Group facilitator, could implement a program aimed at helping families or friends decide the best ways to support an aging member.
We are all thrilled with the new flooring in one of our upstairs hallway.
There is help available for families and friends searching for the best ways to support an aging loved one. For more detailed information on FGDM click below.
April 8 & April 22 at 11:00
Milan & Casey visit

April 18 at 1:30
Music with Dr. Jurgenson

April 20 at 2:00
Baking Club

April 23 at 7:00 PM
Music by Living Faith Mennonite Church Youth

April 25 at 5:00
Supper out
April 21 at noon

April 14
Palm Sunday

April 21
Happy Easter!
Save the Date!
The Shippensburg Town Band will be performing a free concert at the Episcopal Home on June 25 at 7PM in the EH parking lot. Refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome.
Recently I attended a conference concerning positive aging. We took a quiz and afterward there was some push back on some of the questions. One question in particular asked if the older population was a drain on the economy, including health systems. Many in the room answered "yes," but the answer was "no." Aging people make significant contributions to our society, many of which go unrecognized. For example, many older people provide child care, strengthen communities, and provide economic support to their children and grandchildren. Aren't legacy donations usually given toward the end of life rather than in younger years?

Another question on the quiz dealt with ageism. The question asked, "Could I be ageist and not know it?" Most of us, since we work with the aging, thought, "No, we could not possibly be ageist." Upon discussion, though, it seemed that even we could be.The quiz explanation was that most of the time, we are not aware of our negative attitudes toward older people and about getting older. A global survey of 57 countries found that 60% of people felt that older adults were not respected and that negative attitudes abound. Greeting cards commonly make jokes about getting older. Advertising focuses on getting rid of wrinkles, gray hair, etc. and how to look younger. We tend to praise older people who are slim, supple, and exercise every day for hours by saying, "You look so good!" or "You don't look 85 - you seem so much younger!" - as if being 85 looks a certain way.

Aging is something to be treasured. I once saw a poster that read "Aging is a privilege denied to many." We need to stop talking about older individuals in a condescending manner or without thought. Aging people are us in a few years, and most importantly, they need the love and respect that all God's creatures should have.
  • May you have good memories of those who cannot be with you.
  • May you have appreciation for yourself, what you do for others, and what others do for you.
  • May we treat each other with kind words and thoughts and always be fair.

Kind wishes!
Mary Grace
Around the House
A Milestone Birthday
Our sweet Bertha turned 100 on March 28. Born in the Midwest, she grew up in Chicago,
but has lived in Pennsylvania long enough to consider it home.
The Wearing Of The Green
Frank is 100% Italian except on St. Patrick's Day.
Effie and Vivian led St. Patty's Day festivities and even danced a jig.
Juanita is always perfectly color coordinated and St. Patty's Day was no exception .
Spring Gardening Tip

Buy a bird feeder to introduce movement and the activities of birds into your yard.
The Shippensburg Garden Club meets at the Episcopal Home on the third Tuesday evening of every month, except December and January. The main objective of the club is to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, and to aid in protecting native trees, plants, and birds, especially within the community.

The club is funded through donations from local organizations and member dues. Their most visible project is caring for the summer hanging baskets in downtown Shippensburg. Club members also clean and tidy the Mary Garden at the Episcopal Home in appreciation for the Home providing them a meeting space.

Members are encouraged to "adopt" a project. Different members currently plant and maintain plants and flowers at the Shippensburg Library, the information kiosk at the post office, and in front of the Select Restaurant. There are plenty of areas eagerly awaiting someone to care for them. Membership is open to all.

Your Support is Vital
Your generosity helps our residents who need financial assistance.
If you are on our mailing list, look for our spring fundraising
mailer - a great way to support our residents.

As always, we are thankful to all of you who support our residents
with your kind and compassionate donations.
Donations are tax deductible
The Episcopal Home is a place where residents receive friendship, spiritual nurture, rest, recreation and excellent physical care in a peaceful setting which allows them to live in a place of safety, warmth and love. The Home is able to care for those with limited financial means because parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania support the facility. Through the ministry of the Episcopal Home, the Church is engaged in God's mission to value life and care for others.
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