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March 2019
Delivering a Christmas Wish
"God spoke, so I listened" - Craig Cassel

When the parishioners at All Saints Episcopal Church in Hershey requested a Christmas wish list from our residents, one of the wishes was for a wine and cheese event. Craig Cassel knew right away that he could make that wish a reality - his family owns a Vineyard. Accompanied by fellow parishioners Liz Johnston and Sam Fry, Cassel engaged residents in an informative presentation on wines and wine tasting. Residents were able to sample three types of wines and experience how each tasted when paired with different cheeses. Sam Fry works with a cheese maker, so we had the benefit of his expertise as well, and Liz Johnston kept everything organized and flowing smoothly. It was evident that our three upbeat guests enjoyed the experience of sharing with residents, and we are so appreciative of their generosity and willingness to volunteer their time and talents to deliver a Christmas wish.
Craig Cassel gave an informative presentation on wines and wine tasting .
Residents enjoyed the experience.
If they weren't wine drinkers, they were offered ginger ale instead.
Cassel Vineyards offers handcrafted wines for sale.and is located on a farm that has been in the Cassel family for generations.
March 6: Phyllis
March 23: Mary B.
March 28: Bertha (turns 100!)
March 15: Sherry
March 30: Esther
Diabetes affects 1 in 10 Americans, and another 84 million adults in the United States are at high risk of developing the disease.  Making healthy food choices  can be challenging — particularly for seniors with diabetic restrictions — but it’s a critical part of managing diabetes to prevent health complications. Simply by controlling portion size, eating right and sticking to regular mealtimes, it’s possible to help keep blood sugar and body weight within a healthy range. One important factor in managing diabetes is to limit sugar intake. Sugar can be detrimental, especially to seniors and diabetics in many ways.
Excessive consumption of sugar can:
  • weaken the immune system
  • contribute to disease and tooth decay
  • contribute to anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity
  • reduce HDL cholesterol and elevate LDL cholesterol levels
  • cause hypoglycemia
  • inhibit one's ability to think clearly
  • increase risk of blood clots and stroke

Here at the Episcopal Home, we are proactive in providing healthy meals for all of our residents,
and are especially mindful of the needs of our residents with diabetic restrictions.
Women At The Well from St. John's (Carlisle) will be visiting on March 9
Special Food Days

March 5: Fasnacht Day

March 17: St. Patrick's Day meal at noon
March 15 at 2:00

Dr. Jurgenson
March 21 at 2:00

Baking Club
March 23 at 2:00

Annual Resident's Rights Meeting
must feel that they have privacy and are
treated with respect.

Resident's Rights are part of personal care home regulations and are reviewed with the EH staff each year as part of their training, as well as with residents.

During our annual Resident's Rights meeting with residents, we watched a video produced by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. One scene showed a resident going down steps, one at a time, and then turning to pull a wheelchair down those steps. Technically, this was within the resident's rights, but our residents, almost in unison, said, "That doesn't look safe!" Thankfully, this prompted a good discussion about safety. We could have that conversation because we have a healthy and respectful relationship.

Issues of privacy did not seem to be a concern as residents feel they are given privacy from other residents and EH staff. We discussed posting a sign on the door if a resident wants privacy. A great deal of time was spent on how much information can be shared by staff when something happens to a fellow resident. We discussed HIPPA and confidentiality, and yet residents pointed out that their fellow residents are their friends - those with whom they live. We talked about why the staff tries to relay information in only a general manner.

Residents have a number of ways to discuss a concern relating to their rights. These include a one-on-one conversation with staff, the EH complaint process, and meeting with a representative from the Office of the Aging. All information relating to resident rights is posted.

Resident Rights are an integral part of cooperation. An atmosphere of respect, privacy, safety, independence, and confidentiality ensures peaceful cohabitation
-Mary Grace
Meet Pug the Pug
This little pug (named Pug) was in need of a home and Mary Grace was in need of a canine companion. Fortunately they found each other and are now the best of friends.

Pug has joined our other canine friends, Bear and Casey, visiting residents. She also enjoys hanging out in Mary Grace's office from time to time.
On any given day at the Episcopal Home, there could be a minimum of 40-50 interpersonal interactions among residents, visitors, family, staff and outside vendors. Although we would expect all of these interactions to be successful, respectful, and peaceful, one of the ingredients to help ensure this is
setting healthy boundaries.
Boundaries are guidelines that a person creates for reasonable, safe and permissible ways for others to behave around him or her, and how he or she will respond when someone steps outside those limits. We all need to set boundaries for ourselves and others, and this requires thought and awareness.

We have physical boundaries that include our bodies, our sense of personal space, sexual orientation, and privacy. An example of a physical boundary violation would be when someone enters another person's room without knocking or being invited in. We encourage residents to place signage on their doors indicating whether or not they are accepting visitors at the time. This is helpful to visitors, staff, and residents.

Living in a setting that is bound by HIPPA, it can be difficult to maintain confidentiality. When we discuss residents who are in the hospital or a rehab setting, we try to talk in generalities and not discuss specific details. Remembering the saying "It's not my story to tell," is a good way to honor another person's boundaries.

There are times when we are reluctant to speak up because we might be fearful of a confrontation or rejection. Residents and staff are encouraged to speak up if a boundary is crossed that should not have been. It is always acceptable to talk about crossed boundaries in a respectful way. Healthy boundaries protect physical and emotional space from intrusion and empower residents to make healthy choices and to take responsibility for themselves.

In conclusion, it is always best to surround oneself with a support system of people who respect your right to set boundaries, and to void people in your life who want to manipulate, abuse, and control.
  • May you have good memories of those who cannot be with you.
  • May you have appreciation for yourself, what you do for others, and what others do for you.
  • May we treat each other with kind words and thoughts and always be fair.

Kind wishes!
Mary Grace
Source material:
Boundaries: Where you and and I Begin (A.Katherine)
Around the House
Kit and Frank like to stay active and involved. Kit occasionally
lends a hand with Cooking & Baking Club, and Frank stamps lunch bags for the
local Meals on Wheels program.
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