The Episcopal Home

June 2019
"And what is so rare as a day in June. Then, if ever, come perfect days. Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune, And over it softly her warm ear lays; Whether we look or whether we listen, We hear life murmur, we see it glisten." (James Russell Lowe)
Thank You, Mt. Calvary!
A while ago, our friends at Mt. Calvary Episcopal Church in Camp Hill sent us a check to be used in a way we felt would benefit the residents. Thanks to their generosity, we have revamped the upstairs sitting area near the parking lot entrance. Previously, it featured old wallpaper and worn out furniture. Now, it's bright and cheery. We need to add a few finishing touches, but residents and their visitors are delighted to have a refreshed space to sit, read, and visit.

June 24: Ruth

June 4: Vivian
June 11: Julie
June 25: Alyssa
June 28: Ada
June 29: Dorothy
Why not join our residents for a special event?
June 3 & 17 - 11:00
Milan & Casey Visit
June 6 - 2:00
Music with Frank Ables
June 7 - 2:00 pm
Cooking/Baking Club
June 11 - 7:00 pm
Town Band Concert
June 12 - 4:30
Supper Out
June 15 - 2:00
Root Beer Floats
June 16
June 17 - 2:00
Music with Robilee & Emily
June 20 - 1:30
Music With Dr. Jurgenson
Free Concert
The Shippensburg Town Band will be performing a free concert at the Episcopal Home on June 11 (changed from June 25) at 7PM in the EH parking lot.
Everyone is welcome.
Come out to support our Town Band and the EH.
Bring a friend and enjoy the free concert and refreshments!
Prince Street Youth Group is coming to set up chairs as a service project.
June is Men's Health Month
The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men. This month gives health care providers, public policy makers, the media, and individuals an opportunity to encourage men to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury. 
In the midst of traditional spring signs of renewal and growth - the colors and smells of newly sprouted flowers and the welcome sounds of morning bird songs - we have lost a dear friend. Joan Applegate was a volunteer musician here at the Episcopal Home for at least 10 years. She brought various musical instruments for the residents to try and accompany various songs. Joan's selection of music was always coordinated with the season or holiday of the week. There would be an explanation of the song, including its meaning and time period. Music has a history which she shared with the residents. Her soft touch on the piano matched her quiet, warm presence which will be missed by all. May she have no more pain and no more sorrow, but life everlasting.

When we lose someone we love here at the EH, it opens discussions on others that we miss who have gone before us. Even in the times of sorrow, we are consoled by talking about our friends, living and dead, who have made an impact on our lives. It is comforting to reminisce about them. The stories we tell are funny and warm. They reveal as much about us as those who have passed before us. In some way, it gives us comfort to know that they are okay because they are loved by God. They have completed their journey, and we rejoice with those who have run the race, as we pray for the strength to run our own - a race made possible by knowing those who are living and caring for us now.

We gain strength in the support of friends, neighbors, and family that care for us and do for us. We learn from those around us, and those learning experiences empower us to focus on our strengths. We do best when we are in community, gaining and strengthening our community experience. We are richer for our community experience, both individually and as the EH community.
  • May you have good memories of those who cannot be with you.
  • May you have appreciation for yourself, what you do for others, and what others do for you.
  • May we treat each other with kind words and thoughts and always be fair.

Kind wishes!
Mary Grace

Around the House
Baking Club
Our Baking Club enjoys creating all sorts of goodies for everyone to enjoy. Their latest confection - miniature strawberry pies for dessert.
Juanita is the chief decorator
Paula and Vivian display the finished products .
Spring Has Sprung!
Not long ago, this view of our patio was nothing but empty pots and dry leaves. Thanks to our wonderful neighbor, Grace, we now enjoy some cheery pops of color.
Grace strikes again! Grace always plants the space around the light post. She has a knack for planting random mixes that grow into eye-catching splashes of color.
Our sign was refurbished last year. Old foliage was dug out and replaced with fresh new plantings.
Our Mary Garden is coming to life. Mary stands amid a cluster of marigolds ("Mary's Gold.")
Our window boxes are bursting with color.
Bright planters grace our walkway.
Keeping Up With Regulations
Our most recent staff development topic concerned some psychosocial needs of the elderly. We covered new material on the symptoms and treatments for anxiety. Mary Grace facilitated the training. The training included information on how all residents and staff might benefit from some basic mental health practices and ways to de-stress, such as meditation, yoga, walking, moving for ten minutes three times a day, and limiting caffeine and sugar.
We're happy to report that we received a thumbs up regarding our recent fire inspection. The fire inspector allows us 5 minutes to evacuate residents. During our most recent fire drill, we evacuated in 3 minutes and 50 seconds. We were commended for building construction, fire doors, fire rated stair wells, a working fire detection system, emergency lighting, required fire extinguishers, a working sprinkler system, and a well trained staff for 24 hour coverage.
Family Group Decision Making
Often, an older person needs to make a plan for staying in their home as they age. FGDM brings together any people or organizations that might be able to assist an aging individual with various needs. A trained facilitator assists the group, resulting in a detailed plan for the person. The purpose and goals of the meeting are set by the older person. Mary Grace received a grant from the Partnership for Better Health to conduct groups in the next year that are free of charge to participants.

If you know of an aging individual who may need help and support to remain living at home, please contact Mary Grace at
(717) 360-2533

Your Support is Vital

Your generosity helps our residents who need financial assistance.
Thanks to everyone who sends checks or donates online.

You now have the option of making a monthly automatic online payment
Other ways that you, a group, or an organization can help:

We always appreciate receiving items on our current wish list:

Postage Stamps
'Depends' Undergarments (size L)
Tide Free & Gentle laundry detergent
Unscented dryer sheets
Wrapped diabetic candies
Large print word find books (not crosswords)
Sponsor a visit and special activity
(such as refreshments, meet & greet, wine & cheese, tea party,
ice cream social, etc. - be creative!
Contact Mary Grace
(717) 532-4136
The Episcopal Home is a place where residents receive friendship, spiritual nurture, rest, recreation and excellent physical care in a peaceful setting which allows them to live in a place of safety, warmth and love. The Home is able to care for those with limited financial means because parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania support the facility. Through the ministry of the Episcopal Home, the Church is engaged in God's mission to value life and care for others.
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