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July & August 2019
Due to vacations and summer schedules, this newsletter is for two months - July and August. We at the Episcopal Home wish all of our readers a happy and healthy summer!

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky,
is by no means a waste of time."
- J ohn Lubbock, The Use of Life
We have a predictable conversation with a number of residents at the Episcopal Home. It usually goes as follows: " I think you were catnapping." The resident's immediate response is, "No I was not." The mere implication that someone would sit with his or her eyes closed and sleep is offensive to most residents. It is fascinating that they are almost universally offended, and do not want to admit to napping or even catnapping.

Why do they push back at the mere suggestion that they are sleeping during the day? Some residents are awakened several times during the night due to diuretics, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, etc., so one would think that a catnap would be in order.

Another thing residents push back on is the idea that they would have spare time. Recently, I picked up a book entitled, No Time to Spare by Ursula Le Guin, who is best known for her works of science fiction and fantasy. As she was aging, Ursula turned her thoughts to what mattered most to her in life. No Time to Spare is a collection of essays she wrote on the subject - most of them written when she was in her eighties.

To me, the best passage in the book is as follows:

"The opposite of spare time is, I guess, occupied time. In my case, I still don't know what spare time is because all of my time is occupied. It always has been and it is now.
It's occupied by living."

She certainly makes clear the point that rest is not idleness and that living includes catnapping, sitting in the sun, watching the rain, enjoying a beautiful day, reading, and so much more.

We are planning to have a good summer here at the Episcopal Home, with some activities and plenty of time to rest and relax.

  • May you have good memories of those who cannot be with you.
  • May you have appreciation for yourself, what you do for others, and what others do for you.
  • May we treat each other with kind words and thoughts and always be fair.

Kind wishes!
Mary Grace

July 8: Myrtle
August 9: Ed
August 11: Edna
August 18: Mary H.
August 23: Kit

July 5: Becky
July 7: Effie
July 10: Anita
August 15: Jane
August 22: Lorrie

Worry Free Health Care Coordination

Do you know that Episcopal Home residents have access to health care coordination by simply living in the facility?

Upon admission, residents have coordination, if desired, for medical appointments, transportation, and any followups that may include further testing, treatments, medication changes, and additional appointments.

A resident does not need to make any phone calls, adjustments to medications, or worry about the next appointment. What a resident does need to do is to notify Becky or Julie about any appointment messages he/she has received by phone or in the mail. The nurses will take it from there.
July 15 & 29 - 11:00
August 12 & 25 - 11:00
Milan & Casey Visit
July 3 - 7:00 pm
Music: Culbertson Mennonite Church
July 4
Happy Independence Day!
July 11 - 2:00
Music: Robilee & Emily with Dr. Jurgenson
July 17
Harrisburg Convocation Youth project
July 26 & 27
Mt. Calvary Outreach
Project Volunteers
July 31 - 4:30
Supper Out - Greenvillage Diner
August 15 - 2:00
Ice Cream Sundae Day
August 15 - 4:30
Supper Out - Italian Village

Sunday, August 4 is
Episcopal Home Sunday

During July, churches in our diocese will be receiving a letter from Bishop Scanlan explaining how to support the Home and the efforts that are being made throughout the diocese to raise awareness of this important ministry to the aging. Look for more information in the Diocesan Digest .

Meanwhile, here is what is in the plans:

  • Church Administrators/Clergy will receive bulletin inserts and be encouraged to include them in July's bulletins.
  • Clergy will be asked to include a special prayer for the Episcopal Home residents.
  • Handouts will be delivered in pews during August 4 services.

As always, our Episcopal Home residents who need financial assistance are very grateful for your generosity on their behalf.

Anyone who knows Mary Grace knows that she is an avid reader. She also has a keen interest in healthy aging. She has been researching books that shed a positive or humorous light on the subject. Below is a list that she compiled, hoping that some of our readers might be interested in gaining insight into the aging process.
The Gift of Years
Joan Chittister
An inspirational work that looks at many facets of aging, from purposes and challenges to struggles and surprises.
Being Mortal
Atul Gwande
The Ultimate goal is not a good death, but a good life.
Travels With Epicurus
David Klein
A witty and optimistic guide, Daniel Klein journeys to the Greek island of Hydra to discover the secrets of aging happily. 
Somewhere Towards the End
Diana Athill
Diana Athill is one of the great editors in British publishing. Now in her 91st year, she reflects candidly and sometimes with great humor, on the condition of being older.
Aging For Beginners
Ezra Bayda
Winner of Spirituality and Practice Best Book Award in 2019, this work points out that we are all beginners at aging - a time for reflection and inner exploration.
Falling Upward
Richard Rohr
Rohr differentiates between two halves of life and explains why the second half can and should be full of spiritual richness.
Walking The Way of Love in PA
The Appalachian Camino reflected the Camino de Santiago
pilgrimages in Spain
Mary Grace joined Bishop Scanlan and other members of the diocese to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail. The hikers arrived in Shippensburg on Monday evening for an overnight at St. Andrew's. The Episcopal Home extended hospitality by supplying showers and towels to the hikers after their long day on the trail.

Around the House
Summer Concert

The Town Band entertained residents with an outdoor concert featuring a variety of music that included marches, salutes to the armed forces, patriotic tunes, and even a tribute to 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.'
Some of our "Card Ladies" who volunteer at the Home showed up to share in the fun with the residents.
it was a beautiful evening for the residents
to enjoy the music.
The youth of our neighbor, the Prince Street UB Church, showed up to
set up and then take down
all of the folding chairs.
Root Beer Floats!
Root Beer Float Day provided residents a time to socialize and enjoy a good old fashioned summer treat.
Your Support is Vital

Your financial gifts help our residents who need financial assistance.

You now have the option of making automatic online donations
Another Way to Help
We always appreciate receiving items on our current wish list:

Postage Stamps
'Depends' Undergarments (size L)
Unscented Tide Free & Gentle laundry detergent
Unscented dryer sheets
Large print word find books
Sponsor a visit or special activity

Contact Mary Grace
(717) 532-4136


If you find yourself needing a break from the heat and humidity, you might want to stay inside and enjoy a good flick. Mary Grace has compiled a list of movies that cast a light on many facets of aging and feature older actors. Happy viewing!

  • 5 Flights up: Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman star in a film about a longtime married couple who have spent their lives together in the same NYC apartment and are overwhelmed by personal issues when they plan to move.

  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: Star power abounds in this movie about aging and the choices with which each character is presented. Colorfully set in India, this film has much to say about love and community.

  • Trouble With The Curve: Clint Eastwood plays a professional baseball scout whose daughter joins him on the road only to discover her father's eyesight is failing. The main theme is about the knowledge and skill we obtain as we age as well as the challenges and limitations.

  • Beginners: After his mother's death, Oliver is stunned when his father announces that he is gay. The film focuses on relationships between fathers and sons.

  • Driving Miss Daisy: Both Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy play characters who are aging during the sixties and seventies in the deep south. The film is about the relationships we enter as we live our lives.

  • The Trip to Bountiful: In 1940's Texas, and elderly woman is determined to visit her childhood home for one last time.

  • On Golden Pond: Henry Fonda, Katherine Hepburn and Jane Fonda star in this powerful movie about turning 80. Norman (Henry Fonda) is cantankerous and has a strained relationship with his daughter; a predictable but honest film.

  • Wild Strawberries: A crotchety retired doctor travels from Stockholm to Lund, Sweden. Along the way, he thinks about the pleasures and failures of his life.

  • Grey Gardens: This 1973 documentary focuses on the lives of Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter, Edith, who were cousins of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

  • I'll See You In My Dreams: Blythe Dinner stars in this funny and heartfelt story about a widow and former songstress who discovers that life can begin anew at any age.

The Episcopal Home is a place where residents receive friendship, spiritual nurture, rest, recreation and excellent physical care in a peaceful setting which allows them to live in a place of safety, warmth and love. The Home is able to care for those with limited financial means because parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania support the facility. Through the ministry of the Episcopal Home, the Church is engaged in God's mission to value life and care for others.