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July 3, 2020
As Miami-Dade County comes to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, The Children's Trust has decided to dedicate our Parenting Our Children Newsletter to dealing with the parental side of managing the crisis.
Keep Your Child’s Mind, Body and Spirit Strong During Challenging Summer
Wellness planning with a little help from The Children’s Trust

So much for the new normal! It looks like we are going back to the abnormal with spiking COVID-19 cases in Florida, and Miami-Dade in particular, putting reopenings on hold or even back some. That means a return to home stays – did we ever leave? Except that now, we have to face the summer doldrums on top of limited activities and options.  Read More
A mother and daughter practice yoga at home.
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8 Firework Safety Tips for the Fourth of July
Experts foresee increase in injuries over holiday

This Fourth of July will be the first time in many years, maybe ever, where many of us don’t congregate together to watch a firework display at the park, beach or another crowded venue. That could mean parents and children are even more inclined to do their own fireworks show. And that could mean trouble for trauma and burn centers around Miami-Dade County.  Read more
Responsible parents should be in charge of fireworks, even sparklers.
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Hyper-Stressful Times for Hyper-Parents
Learn how to step back, let go and hone independence during pandemic

We all want the best for our kids but many of us (and you know who you are) have strayed into intensive parenting territory, directing and monitoring their kid’s every move. Now that everyone is dealing with an indefinite pandemic, many of those habits are being reinforced, with negative consequences.  Read more
Parents come down on daughter.
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Other News
What you can and cannot do on Fourth of July Weekend in Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade beaches, parades will be closed and canceled, respectively, for July 4 Weekend

Miami-Dade County Public Schools announce preliminary reopening plan for fall via Twitter

Masks mandated in all public place in Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade hits single day high for COVID-19 cases over past weekend

Younger and less sick COVID-19 patients are surging in Miami-Dade

18 individuals, including numerous children, test positive for COVID-19 at foster care home

New The Children's Trust Book Club launches this month!
Helpful Links for Coronavirus Related Information

  • Miami-Dade County’s Coronavirus page also has updates as well as a listing of additional online resources. Click Here

  • Florida Department of Health’s Coronavirus page. Click Here

  • The Miami-Dade School Board also has a Coronavirus page, as well as a Parent Guide to the Novel Coronavirus. Click Here