July 31 - August 2
From our Director
Meredith McIlmoyle

We have been doing our best to stay abreast of rapidly changing guidelines as they relate to our industry.   As of today, we are still planning a Festival.  We will continue to do so until our state or local officials tell us we can't because of safety issues - or until we get to a point in our planning, where it is not financially prudent to move forward without more reassurance.  

Rest assured that we are working hard to come up with new protocol that will create as healthy and safe of an event as possible.  

Our early planning for changes includes:
  • More space between each booth artist
  • Hand sanitizing stations
  • Health kits for our volunteers, including masks
  • Density control in beer gardens and at the fine art show
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing in gathering spaces
  • Ample signage with current CDC guidelines
  • Ample signage with foot traffic guidance
  • New artist check-in and check-out processes
  • Booth Artist guidelines or suggestions for doing business in their spaces
Art at Home
resources for families

Here are some of our favorite resources for art at home for the whole family:
Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons
Online Art Resources from My Modern Met
Lessons for Kids on Art Hub for Kids

"Art is the colors and textures of your imagination"

Spreading Creative Fun Around

The Festival is still working to get art kits out to Anacortes students.  More than 200 kits are already being used by creative kids on Fidalgo Island.  Through generous donations, we have been able to buy more supplies to cover requests as they come in.  If you know an Anacortes student who could use some art supplies, please have their parents reach out to us at  events@anacortesartfestival.com

Help us by Donating

In these challenging times, the need for the arts in our community is even greater and funding them more challenging.  The Anacortes Arts Festival is committed to continuing to support youth art, artists and art programs during this time.  We need your help to make this happen.   Your donation, in any amount, will support the Festival's current and future work in our community.    Donate Here

Volunteer Appreciation

April was Volunteer Appreciation Month and we can't say thank you enough to this awesome group of our team!  We could not do what we do without you.  We appreciate you all so much and can't wait to see you soon!
Getting to know our Booth Artists

Booth Artisans want nothing more than  to connect to people who love art.  We hope by introducing some of them to you, you will visit their websites and learn a little bit more about them and their work.  And it will be all the better if you support them with a purchase.  

Jennifer Bowman
Anacortes,WA - Painting

Jennifer is a pillar of the Festival; having been with us for 17 years.  Her light-filled work is distinctive with bright bold colors and designs.  Something you may not know is that Jennifer spent 2 years aboard a sailboat cruising the west coast.  As a third generation artist, her art pedigree and talent are a mile long!
April Ottey
Port Townsend, WA - jewelry

From seedpods to sea urchin, from bark to blossoms, April creates jewelry that allows you to connect with and keep nature close at all times.  She casts directly from organic materials, into silver and gold, capturing their delicate and fleeting forms and textures.  She uses beach stones and ethically sourced gems and metals.  

Georganna Dean
Grover Beach, CA - Photography

Georganna's photographs reflect a heightened awareness of the world around her. In her work she attempts to capture the beauty, feeling and mystery in every day scenes.  She is a seasoned photographer of over 25 years.

Elizabeth Person
Everett, WA - Painting & prints 

Unique map illustrations and informational art are Elizabeth's specialties. She loves precise information, quirky detail and Northwest themes in her work. Her preferred medium is ink and watercolor which invite both control and surprise.  Elizabeth has recently released a debut children's book titled "To Live on an Island".  

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