Our Vision
Alberta is a leader in creating and mobilizing evidence
to ensure the well-being of children, families and communities.

Our Mission
To develop and integrate evidence to inform, identify and
promote effective public policy and service delivery
to improve the well-being of children, families and communities.
What's Inside
  1. PolicyWise welcomes new Board Directors 
  2. PolicyWise is recruiting a Research Director, Data Initiatives
  3. Child and Youth Data Laboratory releases new products
  4. PolicyWise participates in one-stop health and community services event
  5. New grant opportunities
  6. New report on sharing data legally and ethically
  7. PolicyWise hosts Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder data capture workshop
  8. Sneak peak at a new mentoring resource
  9. Upcoming external events
newdirectorsNew directors join PolicyWise Board

PolicyWise is pleased to announce the  appointment of three members to our Board of Directors.  Joining the Board are  Belinda BoleantuDenise Lightning and  Jackie Sieppert"Our new Board members come from community and academic settings, and bring enthusiasm and expertise to the table . We are very fortunate to have them guide us as we continue to provide evidence in support of solid policy decision maki ng", stated Robyn Blackadar, President and CEO.
joblistingPolicyWise is recruiting a Research Director, Data Initiatives

Reporting to the Chief Analytics Officer, the Research Director, Data Initiatives is responsible for providing leadership and key strategic advice on the scientific direction of the CYDL and other data initiatives. The position will be leading the process of setting research agendas, conducting research, leading knowledge mobilization strategies and completing projects that further the mission of PolicyWise - to improve the well-being of children, their families and communities by creating and mobilizing evidence into policy and practice.

Learn more about the position and apply by visiting the job listing.
CYDLreportsChild and Youth Data Laboratory releases new products from its longitudinal study

The Child and Youth Data Laboratory Longitudinal Project, Experiences of Albertan Children and Youth over Time, 2005/06 to 2010/11, focuses on understanding the experiences of Albertan children and youth as they develop. This project takes a multi-year, cumulative look at the service use of Albertan children and youth. Studying experiences over several years of development adds a valuable level of richness to an already ground-breaking initiative, providing detailed insight into the factors that help to shape our children and youth as they develop.

Three new reports have been produced as part of this project. 

The Post-Secondary Students and Mental Health report tells the story of those enrolled in post-secondary education and their mental health service use and fills a critical information need for institutional planning. 

The Income Support Recipients  report provides insight  into Albertan youth accessing basic training  support to secure employment. 

The Child Support Services Dependents  report profiles  children of parents seeking child support agreements or court orders across key indicators such as age, educational achievement, and socio-economic status.
Future Reports
The CYDL is hard at work analyzing data related to cerebral palsy, autism, and other disability-related issues. Other analyses regarding education, health and justice are also under development.
IMPACTupdateA one-stop health and community services event

PolicyWise staff are proud to be a part of the IMPACT research project. The project is looking at ways to increase access to primary healthcare services for people who need them the most. Contributing to the Alberta Local Implementation Partnership, PolicyWise staff participate in the Lethbridge-based intervention: a series of Pop-Up Health and Community Services events. The Pop-Ups bring together a group of service providers in one location with an aim of offering a variety of services for people who may have trouble accessing them in the usual way or in the usual place they are offered.
Two successful Pop-Ups were held over the summer on June 28 at the Nord-Bridge Seniors Centre and on August 29 at Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society. The team is looking forward to the next Pop-Up to be held at Westminster School on Thursday, October 12 in Lethbridge - please help us share this event!

grantoppsNew grant opportunities available

PolicyWise is working with the Addiction and Mental Health Strategic Clinical Network™ (AMH SCN™) to administer two grant competitions:

Supporting Child and Youth Mental Health Outcomes in Alberta School Settings - Early Career Award Competition 

Valuing Mental Health Innovation and Integration Research Grant Competition


Learn more about these opportunities below by clicking on the competition name above.

Not-for-profits legal and ethical issues in data sharing

SAGE is excited to announce that, with the support of PolicyWise, Kiran Pohar Minhas has produced a report titled "Law & Governance of Secondary Data Use: Obligations of Not-For-Profit Organizations in Alberta". This is a new and innovative area and the paper presents the legal and governance issues for, and the obligations of not-for-profits when sharing and re-using information beyond data collection for service delivery. The report aligns with SAGE's vision of building data management capacity in the community services sector.

FASDPolicyWise hosts Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) data capture workshop

PolicyWise worked with the FASD Cross Ministry Committee to conduct a workshop on September 5, 2017 to achieve three critical objectives: 
1) identify and prioritize questions related to FASD that can be answered by potentially linkable data 
2) understand how addressing those questions will positively impact the lives of Albertans with FASD, and 
3) build trust and enhance collaboration among key stakeholders supporting FASD work in Alberta. 

This work is part of a larger initiative to enable the Government of Alberta to link and analyze data regarding the service use and  outcomes of Albertans with FASD. This lays the groundwork for an integrated data platform that will support research and evaluation to improve the lives of those living with FASD.
Have a sneak a peak at new mentoring resources

Prior to the formal launch of the Alberta Mentoring Partnership's latest resources, you're invited to have a sneak peak.

You will be asked to provide your e-mail address. It will not be used for any other purpose other than sending you a brief evaluation of the tool.

Considerations for Mentoring within Indigenous Communities is a supplementary resource to support primarily non- Indigenous organizations that strive to develop and deliver quality mentoring programs for and with children, youth, and families of Indigenous descent. They are based on research and the combined expertise of those who are already engaged in this important work.

These considerations complement the existing mentoring resources available on the Alberta Mentoring Partnership website by providing specific resources to strengthen mentoring work with Indigenous communities in service of young people. These considerations are intended to help support the development and implementation of quality mentoring programs that build on the strengths of the community, children, and youth.

Password: partner
externaleventsUpcoming external events

The late Dr. Cy Frank

National Forum on Innovations in Infant, Child, and Youth Mental Health  Forum  October 4-7, 2017 at the University of Calgary.  Registration is $395 until September 15, 2017 and will increase to $495 beginning September 16, 2017. Access more information and the registration link.

Innovation in Healthcare: Lines of sight to policy and practice ~ a lecture from Dr. Tom Noseworthy
 through the The Cy Frank Legacy Lectureship October 6, 2017 from 2:00 - 3:00 pm live from 2-39 Corbett Hall, University of Alberta, 8205-114 Street, Edmonton with a live feed broadcast in Theatre 4, Health Sciences Centre, at the University of Calgary.