I have worked with so many amazing people over the years, people who are truly brilliant and passionate about 'something'. Whether it is about caring for older people, empowering staff, turning organisation's around, leading transformations or starting up new enterprises. And these people are at every level of organisations, or run their own businesses. 


Every time I meet or mentor such people I come away feeling that I am some how a little better, I know a little more, I have another piece of the puzzle. 


So I wonder why so many of these individuals do not appreciate their own brilliance - and I mean that in a personal and financial sense. They are in organisations and positions that do not allow them to truly explore or express their ideas or their amazing talents - the very things that could make all the difference to their organisations!


My thinking is that our 'jobs' end up defining who we are and what we are worth - which is inevitably significantly less than what we really are and where we have come from. So we end up being drawn to similar job opportunities and levels again and again - gathering evidence along the way that this is all we are and all we are worth. 


But what if you followed your passion? What if you valued it at a much, much higher level?  What opportunities would you pursue then?  It takes enormous self-belief right?  Might feel a bit scary? Can't even imagine what it would be like? I get that.  To even think these thoughts might feel a little like ascending a roller coaster - exciting and scary all at the same time - knowing that when you get to the top, there is a great big plummet on the other side.  But there doesn't have to be.   


Be careful as you move along your career paths not to depreciate yourself - you are not an inanimate piece of equipment.  Everything you do adds to your overall value.


You are invariably better than what organisations believe you are!




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