8th May 2015


What would you do if you could never retire? 


This question was posed by Timothy Ferriss in his best-selling book, The 4-Hour Work Week, and

it is becoming a reality for many people.


"While people used to look forward to retirement as a time to hook up the caravan, now it's something they worry about. Fluctuating balances mean you can't make solid plans anymore."


In 2012, a study into retirement intentions by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that the average age of retirement for those who'd left work in the previous five years was 61.4. More telling is that 13 percent of people forty-five years and over believed they would never retire, which Rafferty describes as "a significant social change inside a generation." The generation of baby boomer retirees "will probably be one of the first facing the very real possibility of actually outliving their funds because of increased longevity," said John Dani, the national manager for advice

development at Ipac Securities.


Rather than these monumental changes in society being a death knell, it could well herald your opportunity to live life to its fullest earlier than you expected! 


Because if you can never retire, then you must realize that there is no point deferring your best life till the end.


This is about taking control and designing your ideal life so you can lead it now - don't wait. 


Keep working, but at something that you love doing for the rest of your life, and start living like you are retired.


Now - What would you do if you could never retire?


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