The EPN Consulting Newsletter No. 113 | January 2020
The Editorial
Dear Colleague, 
Recently two major events made me think that our society is not yet ready for the big changes we have been living and facing in this 21st century. The first one is the storm Gloria that impacted severely in Spain a few days ago with very strong winds, 8-metre-high sea waves, heavy rains and snowfalls, lots of accidents, electricity supply cuts. Read more
Toyota is building an entire city full of Autonomous Cars and Robots
Built on the site of an old Toyota plant at the base of Mt. Fuji, Woven City will be 175 acres (0.71 sq kms) of futuristic buildings and infrastructure designed to explore how humans and robots can thrive together. It’s all just concepts and renderings so far, with construction slated to start in 2021.
#InvestEU: €50 million in financing for Estonian ride-hailing platform Bolt
The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed a €50 million venture debt facility with the developer of ride-hailing app Bolt from Estonia. The financing is supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments ( EFSI), the main pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe. The goal of the funding is to support Bolt's product development and research in areas where the use of technology can improve the safety, reliability and sustainability of its services while... Read more
High hopes as Austria’s new night train sets off for Brussels
The first night train to set off for Belgium in 16 years departed from Vienna on 19 Jan 2020, carrying Austrian and European politicians who hope the new route can set an example as the continent tries to meet its climate targets.
The carriages of the “ÖBB Nightjet” pulled out of Vienna’s main station punctually at 8:38 pm... Read more
2030: from Technology Optimism to Technology Realism
Today’s technological revolution is a time of enormous promise, but also new challenges. As we enter the 2020s it is clear that we are far from unlocking the potential of technology for our toughest challenges. Read more
Road Safety and Road User behaviour: How can we make cycling safer?
Road safety is a pressing issue in Europe, with over 25,000 deaths recorded on European Roads in 2019. Of these people an increasing proportion are cyclists, rising as a proportion of deaths from 6-8% from 2007 to 2018. What can be done? People who cycle do so for... Read more
The Website of the Month: The Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers (EUROBAT)
The purpose of the Association is to study all matters of interest to storage battery manufacturers and their sub-contractors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

EUROBAT’s activities include:
  • Promoting the regulatory, commercial and economic interests of the European automotive, industrial and special battery industries;
  • Facilitating the continued growth of the European industry;
  • Working with stakeholders to help develop new battery solutions.

Upcoming Professional Events - find many more in our Events Section
19 Feb 2020 – Deadline to submit proposals to H2020 [EIC-FTI-2018-2020] call ( IA - Fast Track to Innovation - 1st cut-off date)

26 Feb 2020 – Deadline to submit proposals to the [ 2019 CEF Transport MAP-Multi-Annual work Programme] call

18 Mar 2020 – Deadline to submit proposals to H2020 [EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020] call (IA – SME Instrument)

21 Apr 2020 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.14 H2020 TRANSPORT calls (RIA, IA, CSA) 

21 Apr 2020 – Deadline to submit proposals to H2020 [MG-BG-03-2020] call (RIA – Under water noise mitigation and environmental impact)

21 Apr 2020 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.4 H2020 BATTERIES calls (RIA, IA)

21 Apr 2020 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.4 H2020 GREEN VEHICLES calls (IA, CSA)

21 Apr 2020 - Deadline to submit proposals to No.2 H2020 AUTOMATED ROAD TRANSPORT calls (IA)
30 Jan 2020 – Brussels (BE) – INTERDEPENDENCE Summit 2020

11-12 Feb 2020 – London (UK) – MOVE 2020

12 Feb 2020 – Dublin (IE) – FT Event – European Financial Forum 2020: Ready for a new decade

12-13 Feb 2020 – Tampere (FI) – WINTER ROAD CONGRESS 2020 (by ERF)

18-19 Feb 2020 – Brussels (BE) – Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum – Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place

19-20 Feb 2020 – London (UK) – Battery Recycling Europe Conference

21 Feb 2020 – London (UK) – IRU Logistics and Innovation Forum

24 Feb 2020 – London (UK) – IEEE United Kingdom & Ireland Blockchain Launch | 2020

24-27 Feb 2020 – Barcelona (ES) – MWC 2020 – Mobile World Congress
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