September 2020
We hope you enjoy this month's highlights of our impact and mission in action!
Dear Friend,

On Monday of this week, all of us at Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club were so excited to open our doors and welcome kids back for the fall! As you may know, we are operating out of three off-site locations, as we are still in the midst of our construction project. At each location, our staff had smiles, fun activities, and homework help at the ready for 130 kids between in the ages of 5 and 18.
All summer long, we planned for this moment, knowing that the COVID 19 crisis would challenge us to rethink all our operations while maintaining the “magic” of the Club. I’m proud to say that we landed on a set of focus areas that we think of as our “E’s for Excellence.” 

These include:
  • Promoting Emotional Wellness,
  • Fostering Engagement and Exploration, and
  • Ensuring Efficacy and Efficiency in our Programs and Safety Protocols.
In this issue of the Pilot, we will take a closer look at these areas, and I hope you will agree that we are truly on the path of Excellence.

Ramon Reyes
Executive Director
Emotional Wellness
Fostering a Sense of Belonging

All of us, no matter what our age, have felt the emotional challenges presented by COVID-19. Moreover, our sense of uncertainty is heightened as we try to stay healthy while establishing some sense of normalcy at work, home, and now school. While we know that children are resilient, even the most adaptable child needs a morale boost now and then.

At Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club, we work to provide that boost to our children and their families by maintaining connections, sharing experiences, staying positive, and keeping active. Plus...we know a lot about having fun!

Engagement & Exploration
Sparking Young Minds

Our children have been home for some time as a result of the pandemic. With many parents working from home or returning to the office, parents don't always have the time or the ability to orchestrate activities at home to keep their kids engaged and learning. They are eager for their children to have a positive, healthy option where they can be safe, active, and engaged. Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club is committed to providing that option.

Efficacy & Efficiency
Keeping Kids Safe and On Track with School

With schools providing a combination of in-school and remote learning, learning concepts in reading, writing and arithmetic have become a challenge for even the best student. Children who struggle in school will need extra assistance so as not to lose ground permanently. At the same time, parents are concerned about the health and safety of their children.

At Grenville Baker, we are ready to help on both fronts. In fact, this past Monday the 14th, we opened our doors at our three off-site locations, prepared to help with homework and to have some fun! Plus, in each location, we have implemented numerous measures and protocols to keep kids healthy and safe... and give parents peace of mind.

Thank You for Supporting our Golf Outing!

Thanks to all who joined us on Tuesday, September 15th for our Alumni & Friends Golf Outing! All proceeds help support our kids and programs!

A special thanks to our generous sponsors!

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