Q&A with The Peach Truck

April 26, 2023

Issue 2

Sarah Stone

Senior Transportation Broker

ALC Atlanta


Sarah Stone graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Marketing). She started working at the Allen Lund Company in December 2010 after several years in the international air and ocean freight industry.

Q&A Interviewee

Kyle Reinhard

Transportation Manager

The Peach Truck

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KIF Editorial

While preparing for the upcoming season, I reached out to Kyle Reinhard, Transportation Manager at The Peach Truck, for his perspective on the market and their unique business model.

They operate over 60 booths across Nashville, TN, and run a 25-state tour of pop-up markets, plus a mail order delivery service to get you the tastiest peaches you’ll ever have drip down your chin. The peaches are picked in the morning, processed and packed in the early afternoon, and on a truck by early evening. For the past five years, we’ve managed the truckloads from the farm to a designated cross dock location. The pallets are immediately transferred to a branded ‘show truck’ and sent to the pop-up sales locations. We asked Kyle to dig into The Peach Truck’s promise of delivering fresh-picked peaches direct to the consumer.

What are the biggest challenges to this system?

The unknown - from forecasting sales projections to the natural unpredictability that is fresh produce harvest. Building out what our season will look like with so many unknown variables presents a wide range of potential scenarios, and that can certainly be challenging. Our biggest hurdle will potentially be something that is totally out of our control - supply. 

When looking for a logistics partner, what are your top three requirements?

1. Price - Cheap doesn't necessarily equate to good. And, on the contrary, neither does expensive. Ideally, finding that happy medium is where you want to be when identifying quality transportation partners.

2. Performance - How a carrier provider consistently performs is a good indicator of the overall health of their operation. How they react to and resolve these inevitable incidents, then work to prepare themselves to avoid any such incidents moving forward, really shows me how dedicated they are to their performance. 

3. Communication - Consistent and reliable communication is key. When it's really running well, it can be a beautiful thing to witness and partake in - all parties working towards a common, mutually beneficial goal. 

ALC’s team is proud to be a dedicated extension of The Peach Truck. The Peach Truck prides itself on delivering high-quality peaches to the customer, and ALC strives to provide the same, quality service to their customers. The key to our success is our partnership with the customer- including carriers as a customer. While we cannot control Mother Nature and how the crops yield, we can ensure that the peaches are delivered fresh and on time. Communication, flexibility, and assessing customers needs keeps it “fresh”, and keeps the relationship growing.

Be sure to order some fresh peaches this summer… www.thepeachtruck.com

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