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Even a lovely long weekend feels too short, and after the holiday, the shorter workweek also flies. We're keeping things short and sweet this week, because, oh my goodness! It's already the middle of May! That means summer is one short month away, with our first field trip on June 6, and this month's Early Purchase Bonus deadline (May 24) is right around the corner.

The Big Kids have been practicing their field trip skills, and this week, they're flying high! Jen has the scoop on the blog.  

There are only four days before the next weekend. Make them count!

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Summer Buy 3, Get 1 FREE
Kite Flying Field Trip and Big Kids Abroad
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Summer Sale: Buy 3, Get 1 FREE! 
It's only four short days until the deadline for our Early Purchase Bonus this month, where you can save 25% on your hours for the next four months. When you buy hours in June, July, and August before May 24, we'll give you the average in September for FREE. It's the return of Buy 3, get 1 FREE. 
Time is short. Log in now, and make any purchase in all three summer months to get set up for September. 
Big Kids Abroad - Buddings Summer Field Trip Program!

Our Urban Field Trip Program ("Big Kids Abroad") will kick off on Friday June 6 and getting excited, and prepared, has been part of our program lately. 

Jen and the Big Kids had a chance to try transiting last week as they trekked out to Jonathan Rogers Park to for some fun in the sun, and pie in the sky. Check out her post on the blog, and then have a look at the schedule for the upcoming field trips. 

It's part of the Big Kids' Club, but these trips are good for kids of all ages and we're pleased to extend the invitation to toddlers, too. Afternoon nap schedules aside, if you'd like to have your 2 year old join us, please let us know. You'll have to book the whole 1 - 5pm block, but we're maintaining our 1:4 ratio so littler kids can be included. 

More information will be available about specific trips as they approach, and if you have questions, email Talia

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