Keeping our Communities Safe this Holiday Season
You’ve likely seen the footage of the robberies and attempted burglaries that took place at Union Square this weekend, and I want to provide you with an update on what took place and the actions we’re taking.

When these types of incidents occur, they undermine all of our efforts to promote our economic recovery and encourage people to visit our City. They result in residents and visitors feeling unsafe. We will not accept this as a normal occurrence. It is not, and it will not be tolerated.
First, I want to thank the San Francisco Police Department and the officers whose actions were truly heroic in arresting eight suspects involved in this crime spree and simultaneously preventing attempted break-ins at multiple sites. They did not hesitate, and their actions represent SFPD at their best. Police are currently reviewing footage and tracking down additional leads that could result in further arrests in the near future.
I also want to express my heartfelt sympathies to employees and the businesses that were robbed. What took place was a traumatic experience for those involved, and you have my commitment that we will do everything we can to hold people accountable and prevent future incidents like this in the future.
Our Ongoing Efforts
We’ve launched multiple targeted efforts with the SFPD over recent months to address the robberies and property crimes taking place in our City. 

Part of the reason that we were able to immediately respond to the crime spree in Union Square and make rapid arrests is due to the SFPD’s implementation of these initiatives.
Organized Retail Crime Initiative
We are dedicating additional investigative capacity to target criminal fencing operations that fuel organized retail crime, re-hiring retired officers for deterrence in high-traffic locations targeted historically by organized crews, ramping up the number and hours worked for foot patrols from SFPD, making it easier for retailers to report crimes, and working with our neighborhood partners to better coordinate our resources.
Downtown Recovery Plan
There will be 50 additional Community Ambassadors stationed in high-traffic locations like Union Square, safer-by-design environmental changes in physical public spaces, and street activations like pop-up parks and events.
Mid-Market Vibrancy and Safety Plan
Police patrols on foot, bicycles, motorcycles and cars, paired with Community Ambassadors, will cover every block from UN Plaza to Powell Street.
In addition to these ongoing efforts, we’re also making changes around Union Square to prevent this type of robbery from being able to take place. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and SFPD are working together to restrict vehicle access in certain areas around Union Square to inhibit smash and grab burglaries where suspects flee in their cars.

I was at Union Square for hours this weekend and again yesterday morning to see the implementation of these efforts and talk with employees at the stores that were affected. The Police Chief is also increasing foot patrols in highly trafficked areas following the string of robberies throughout the Bay Area this weekend.
Additionally, we will be making parking free for up to two hours at the City-owned parking garages in Union Square to make it easier for people to enjoy the holiday season and shop at Union Square. This will run from November 26th through the end of December. More information will be available soon at
Next Steps and Shop Local for the Holidays
We’re going to remain vigilant over the coming days and through the holiday season to keep our communities safe. We’re committed to providing the resources and attention needed to make sure that everyone in our City can enjoy everything that San Francisco has to offer.
Today, we launched Shop and Dine in the 49, our annual holiday campaign encouraging people to shop and dine locally.

We kicked off this year's campaign at El Home on Chestnut Street—one of my favorite places to buy candles in the City. I encourage you to do your holiday shopping at one of your favorite local stores this year as well.
The pandemic was especially hard on our local businesses and now is a great opportunity to show your support this holiday season.
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