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Leading to Improve | Nyland News | Nov 2020
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Growing Great Leaders, Teams, and Outcomes
re·la·tion·ship /rəˈlāSH(ə)nˌSHip/
connecting people, concepts, ideas.
... in this issue:

"We are better together. No one creates success alone.
We all need a team to be successful."
Jon Gordon
Leading for Equity: National Superintendent of the Year
Dr. Gustavo Balderas
“Seeing that kids are succeeding because of the changes we’re making drives me. We, as leaders, need to be champions for our profession. Education is the backbone to our democracy.” – Gustavo Balderas
Tool Kit: Brave Leadership
To Lead Bravely in Uncertain Times:
  • Communicate MORE
  • Seek to UNDERSTAND
  • Create Belonging
  • Acknowledge the fear
  • Share your story
  • Identify core values
  • Grow capacity
Build Relations ... Remotely
Leadership ... examples from our colleagues. Finding creative ways to care and connect ... even while working remotely.
Equitable Collaboration
Jon Gordon, in The Power of a Positive Team, shows how connections, communications, commitment and caring build positive teams AND results.

More Books ...
Cache: A must read for Equity
Wisdom of great Leaders
Hinges of History

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