Serra’s Fund a Dream was established almost 17 years ago solely to help students afford a high school experience at Serra. Thanks to the generous support of so many in our community, Serra has raised more than $5 million dollars -- every cent of which has gone directly to tuition assistance programs. 

This year alone, due to the impact of the pandemic, we are facing a need that has increased rapidly, with 74 Padre families requesting additional aid in the past six months. We listened to their stories, we made the decision to help, and we remain committed to our Padre families.

Here is an excerpt from an email we received from a single mom who reached out to share her situation.

"Although I have been lucky enough to still be working, our family's needs have grown even more during this pandemic, leaving me financially behind … Basically, the financial responsibilities I’m in charge of in order to raise my kids, can’t begin to be supported with my income of $2,500 a month but I want my son to continue to receive the outstanding education and experience that Serra provides."

It is our duty in times of struggle to rise as a community with a promising response. We need our community of supporters to once again step up and help. Don't wait, make a difference by making your donation today and join us in our effort to keep the dream alive for our Serra families in need.