Hinda Blum, Massachusetts Chapter Member

Six years ago, I witnessed my 7-year-old grandson Ben reprimanding his mother for letting the water in the kitchen sink run when she answered the telephone. Studying climate change and water conservation in school, he worried there would not be enough clean water for everyone, and did not want his mother to waste it. After we discussed his concern, I felt inadequate in what I knew, and began reading about climate change.

A friend invited me to a meeting where I met Grady McGonagill who was starting a new chapter of Elders Climate Action (ECA). Being ​an elder and knowing many, I was drawn to ECA​ ​and​ have learned a lot in 2 1/2 years!

I felt confident enough to manage my first project, an art show. My goal was to wake people up from their apathy - to hit them in their hearts and guts as well as in their minds. Statistics and data are less impactful than seeing a painting or a photograph, and I wanted this art show to