For a turtle, Largo sure gets around!
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Hello Largo 🐢 Fans!

In between turtle photo shoots, Largo has been visiting schools throughout New Hampshire area and meeting some great new friends.

Recently Largo 🐢 and I visited Webster School in Manchester. The kids we read to were ESL in grades 1-3 but they did really great and understood the story. They even asked me a question I didn't have the answer to! The kids tried to teach me how to say "turtle" in Portuguese and Spanish but to no avail. I only speak Turtle.
Our next stop this week was St. John's Regional School in Concord. These kids were great! They had excellent questions for me, too.
🐢 Where's Largo?🐢

Local Libraries

"The Adventures of Largo and Shelby" can also be found for sale at MainStreet BookEnds of Warner and now at Gibson's Book Store in Concord, NH.
If you are interested in having me come to your school, library, or book store, please fill out this form and I will get right back to you.

I would be happy to share my Teacher's Guide as a free gift to hosting schools.
Did you know: There is a second story inside the illustrations of Largo?
As always, thank you for your continued support. We are patiently waiting to see what this year brings for Largo 🐢 , Jack, Shelby, and Eliza.


Joanne Randall
Order an Author Signed copy of "The Adventures of Largo and Shelby" by clicking the link above. Or order straight from Amazon (which might be a little faster than turtle 🐢 delivery through snail mail).
Kids love Largo!
Upcoming Author Events
Tuesday, February 5th
Tea on Tuesday - Largo, Host
New England College
Danforth Library
Henniker, NH

Monday, February 11th
Reading and Discussion
Creative Writing Class
Prospect Mountain High School
Alton, NH

Friday, February 22nd
Reading at Alpha Bits
Allard Drive
Manchester, NH

Tuesday, February 26th
The Children's Center
Wolfeboro, NH

Friday, March 15th
Reading at Alpha Bits
Londonderry Turnpike
Manchester, NH
Kids love Largo!