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September 2018
Welcome Back

Welcome to the OCDSB! We are excited for the start of the new school year and extend a very warm welcome to all students, staff and families. Check your school website for school based information, and check OSTA for bus route information. The Bus Stop Finder is now open on their website. If you are a driver, please help keep our students safe - slow down in school zones and keep a safe distance from school buses.
Director's Update
September 2018

Welcome Back!

After a beautiful summer here in Ottawa, it's time to head back to school. This is such an exciting time of year! 

We want you to know that our Facilities staff have been working hard throughout the summer to enhance our learning spaces. In some schools, this work will continue into the fall. The end result will be great places to work and learn!

Our educators are preparing their classrooms and schools for the arrival of over 73,000 students. We've hired lots of new contract teachers this year - 250 elementary and 100 secondary teachers. They, along with our new hires from all employee groups, will add to the wonderful staff who help our students learn every day in our schools. Welcome!

In the coming months, there will be lots of District news with the new Director selection process underway as well as trustee elections taking place on October 22. We will keep you apprised of all developments. 

In the meantime, as I head out to stock the cupboards with lunch items for my 15 year old son, I wish you all a great start to the 2018-2019 school year!

Jennifer Adams

Check out the updated Director's b log .
Health and Physical Education,
Grades 1-8 Curriculum Updates

The Minister of Education has released a new elementary curriculum for Health and Physical Education, Grades 1-8 (2018) . This curriculum includes c ontent for all strands and topics except the Growth and Development component of the Healthy Living strand, which is taken from the 1998 curriculum . The Board of Trustees wrote to the Minister of Education to reiterate the importance of ensuring learning opportunities for students about healthy relationships, consent, online safety and mental health.

Our teachers will be developing lesson plans based on the expectations in the new curriculum, and will continue to communicate with parents/guardians about what their children are learning and when various topics are to be addressed. For example, as per current practice, teachers will provide parents/guardians with a letter indicating the topics pertaining to the Growth and Development strand based on the expectations in the Health and Physical Education, Grades 1-8 (2018) .

The OCDSB has a strong commitment to equity and to creating safe, inclusive, and welcoming learning environments. Our classrooms and schools will continue to reflect and support equity and diversity, and actively create and provide an inclusive, safe and caring learning environment for all students and staff. For example learning resources will continue to reflect diversity and representation of our families and communities; schools will continue to support clubs and activities such as the Rainbow Youth Forum ; and the OCDSB Gender Identity and Gender Expression Guide will continue to serve as a resource for supporting students.
Mathematics, Grades 1-8

There has been some discussion about the teaching of mathematics. It's important to note that the elementary math curriculum has not changed. However, the Minister of Education has released some new resources to support math instruction. The new resources are there to support the current curriculum and highlight the "Fundamentals of Mathematics". For the past number of years, the OCDSB has focused on a balanced math program, one that combines the development of operational skills and the development of problem-solving skills.

Parents may want to review this publication from Ministry of Education -  A Parent's Guide to the Fundamentals of Math .
Provincial Consultations

The Ontario government has announced that they will be undertaking public consultations starting in September 2018. The consultations will be on curriculum related matters and the development of a Parent Bill of Rights. Details of the consultation have not yet been released, but the government has indicated that consultations will be done by online survey; telephone town halls, and direct submissions by interested parties. Parent voice matters, especially in discussions about public education. As soon as more detailed information becomes available, we will share it with our parent community.
Director of Education Selection Process

The OCDSB is in the process of recruiting a new Director of Education. After seven years of exceptional service and unprecedented achievement as Director of Education, Dr. Jennifer Adams will be retiring effective December 31, 2018.

The Director of Education is directly accountable to the Board of Trustees and responsible for the educational, organizational, fiscal, operational and legislative requirements of the District. The Board retained a highly reputable executive search firm to assist with the recruitment of a new Director. Thanks to everyone who participated in the consultation to develop the Director profile. In order to ensure a smooth transition for the organization, the Board will make a decision this fall in order to have a new Director in place for January 1, 2019.  
Municipal Elections

 October 22, 2018 is municipal election day. Eligible voters will have the opportunity to elect school board trustees and municipal councilors.

Your school board trustees do very important work. Please take the time to talk with school board trustee candidates, and be sure to vote on October 22. The new trustees will take office on December 1, 2018.

Learn more on our Election Information page .
Speaker Series

 The OCDSB Speaker Series offers free information sessions to the parent community and seeks to provide parents and educators with access to leading ideas in education that will allow us to work collaboratively to better support student learning and well-being. Upcoming Speaker Series:

Concussion Management

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Sir Robert Borden High School - 131 Greenbank Road

Dr. Michael Vassilyadi,
Director, Concussion Research Project Clinic, CHEO
and Gordon & Kathleen Stringer
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