Lakeland District Board of Directors
Thank You!
The Lakeland District for Sport, Culture and Recreation is a volunteer based non-profit organization. The Board of Directors are responsible for developing the Mission, Vision and Values of the organization. They set the policies and procedures that govern the organization and develop the strategic plan that guides the Lakeland District in what we do.

Our Board members also play a significant role in providing guidance to the LDSCR staff by contributing to our culture, strategic focus, effectiveness, and financial sustainability, as well as serving as ambassadors and advocates for sport, culture and recreation.

Volunteers are one of our most valuable assets and we would like to thank the LDSCR Board of Directors for their continued involvement, dedication and support.
Lakeland District is taking the month of December to celebrate successes across the district! If you have someone in your community or organization that is an exceptional volunteer in the sport, culture and recreation sector please take a moment and submit a nomination to have them included in this campaign.

CIF is recruiting for our regional Peer Review Committees and are inviting applications from individuals throughout Saskatchewan to fill openings on our North, Central, South, and Provincial Committees for the 2024-26 term.

Peer Review Committees are responsible for reviewing applications for our Community Grant Program and providing informed funding recommendations to the CIF Board of Directors. Volunteer alongside energetic leaders from across the province who are passionate about their communities and have knowledge and experience with the needs of their region and the organzation's who operate there.

Want to learn more? Check out for the full details & to apply!
Congratulations to the Lakeland District Communities that participated in the 2023 Saskatchewan Communities in Bloom Program.

Participants enhanced their communities and were evaluated by the following criteria: Community Appearance, Environmental Action, Heritage Conservation, Tree Management, Landscape and Plant & Floral Displays. Participants are recognized with a Bloom Rating, and through the program’s Special Recognition Awards and Photo Contest.

Population Category 1,001 – 2,000
Shellbrook, SK
3 Blooms
Special Mention for Tree Planting Partnership Project at the Golf Course

Kinistino – Special recognition for Recycled Tire Material – Playground and Walkway Surfaces, Winner of the Teck Community Appearance Award, 5 Bloom – Bronze Rating
Melfort – Participant in the Circle of Excellence, non-evaluated

A full summary of the 2023 Provincial Winners and Participants with Bloom Ratings, Special Recognition Award Winners, and Photo Contest Winners is available here.
Saskatchewan Multicultural Week Campaign
November 18-26, 2023

Celebrate Saskatchewan Multicultural Week – from November 18-26, Together, let’s Celebrate Community, Honour Diversity, Act For Equity.
This workshop will equip participants with skills and practical ways to engage the public. We will cover principles of engagement with a focus on equity for diverse community members and offer insight from the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (MCoS) research on promising practices for intercultural relations.

This framework is built on five areas:
Relevance & Impact, Diverse Engagement & Dialogue, Youth Engagement, Integration & Equity, and Relationship Building.
Mark Your Calendar!
Registration information will be available on and social media shortly!
The Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association
October 2023 Update
Barry Brezden

Greetings Lakeland Residents! Now that “Back to School” is in full swing, many events and activities for all ages are taking place, including at the Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association. Feel free to check us out through the website, on our Facebook page, or simply by looking for our weekly ads in the Rural Roots newspaper courtesy of the Prince Albert Daily Herald.

We are currently having or have had many exciting events that were enjoyed by both hosts and participants alike. Our goal is to continue with “fun” events throughout the coming months, anything from soup to nuts with anything in between. We are looking for anyone eighteen years of age or older to become members, participants or maybe even a member at large of the executive committee.

Our association is also reminding all card holders to look online for the many business sponsors we have, they are all offering a huge amount of savings or discounts. Even if you do not wish to participate in any planned activities, you can benefit from membership just by “stopping in” to take advantage of many savings.

Once again, please feel free to check us out via our website or our Facebook page. As I said before, you will be surprised at what you see. The bottom line is you cannot possibly lose!

Get Involved!
Coach. Cheer. Compete. Volunteer.
If you're interested in participating in the 2024 Saskatchewan Summer Games in Lloydminster as an athlete, coach, manager, official, mission staff, or volunteer, look no further! 

To learn more about how to participate as an athletecoach or managerofficialmission staff, or volunteer check out the website. Please note that more information will be added to each page as the Games get closer, with detailed participation information available in early 2024.

Expression of Interest Form: submit your information and you'll be contacted closer to the Games with more information on how you can take part!
Training | Education | Workshops
Financial Health & Sustainability for Non-Profits
Register now for SaskCulture’s upcoming webinar. Join James Barr from KPMG on November 29 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. for this lunch & learn about Financial Health and Sustainability for Non-Profits. 
The webinar is free for SaskCulture Members. The session will include: 
• Understanding financial risk, specifically common warning signs of financial risk a non-profit should be aware of to help ensure sustainability and effectiveness in fulfilling its mission. 
• Identifying the warning signs of declining financial health. 
• Ways to assess financial health to help ensure financial stability. 
2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion in Parks and Recreation
Workshop will provide a brief overview of identities and language related to sexual and gender diversity.
Participants will spend the majority of the training session learning about common barriers to recreation and sport that 2SLGBTQ+ people may face and how to prevent them.
Participants will also spend time in breakout sessions where they will discuss common barriers and use an inclusive analysis to find solutions. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.
Facilitated by Jacq Brasseur (they/them), CEO & Principal Consultant, and Amanda Gutherie (she/her), Policy & Leadership Consultant.
SPRA knows accessibility is important to you. That's why SPRA offers Training On Demand
 Accessible. Affordable. Online. Here to support your professional development needs.
Grants & Funding

Indigenous Community Sport Development Grant  - Please contact the office

Canadian Tire Jumpstart - Receive funding for registration fees, equipment, travel, etc. 

Creative Kids Funding - Online application information available - Sept 18 and then next intake deadline Dec 1

KidSport Saskatchewan - Contact your local Chapter

Get in touch with LDSCR Staff: