Car Wash Industry Information


If you are a NETREGISTRY customer, you will be aware NETREGISTRY intends to end its current merchant gateway facility to car wash operators effective June 30 2018.

NETREGISTRY were one of the earlier gateway services to our industry and sit between you and the bank to handle credit card transactions from various equipment point of sale, eg:automatic wash entry units

Given the take up of credit card transactions in recent years this closure will have significant impact on those who use NETREGISTRY, as these transactions make up well over the 50% of total auto wash transactions in some cases.

Customers expectations of you to offer card facilities for them has never been higher and its important you take action now to minimise disruption to them and maintain your cash flow coming into the quiet winter months.

ACWA’s role in this is to provide members with viable alternatives and put them in contact with those who can help. We have some great existing supplier members who can help you now and manage this transition as smoothly as possible.

We recommend this situation be put high on your agenda to do and get in contact with your service provider immediately

ACWA Members log into the Members Area of the Association website for list of supplier member service providers who have offered to assist.