Military Family Services US - November 2017- National Newsletter
Don't forget to set your clocks back on November 5 as daylight savings time starts.

If you are looking for a poppy or where to attend a Remembrance Day ceremony please connect with your local legion as they may have some poppies to distribute.

Mark your calender's for November 28th, you will not want to miss this Online U.S. Healthcare System Brief . Capt Raoul Mathias will be joining us, to answer any questions you may have on medical coverage in the U.S.

Please forward any of your medical questions for Capt Mathias prior to the event to

Did you miss the Employment Authorization Document Brief? Listen to the recording here.

Happy U.S. Thanksgiving, and enjoy the sales on black Friday!

Your Military Family Services US Team
Remembrance Day ceremonies

Remembrance Day - the day that we remember the sacrifices of fallen heroes and give thanks to those men and women in uniform so we are able to live in a free country.

The U.S. Healthcare System is different than in Canada!

If you have questions or want to have a better understanding of the system and how it affects Canadian’s posted in the U.S., please join us.

Have questions about your medical coverage with Tricare?

Need to understand billing with Allianz Global?

How to file claims or ask for an advance?

Join MFSUS and Capt Raoul Mathias for a live, online information brief.

When: Tuesday, November 28th

Time: 3pm ET, 2pm CT, 1pm MT, 12pm PT, 11am AK, 10am HI

Where: Join from the comfort of your home computer!

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.

If you have medical questions please forward your questions to prior to the event.
Staying Connected
Sharing From MFS


Military Families linking CAF families with information relevant to them.

Real Military Family Series  What's your story? Share with the military community, families are listening.
Mental Health Resources

You may find that you are in need of mental health supports while you are posted to the U.S. There are numerous resources available to you from both the United States Military Readiness Centers, as well as from the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS). Click here .
This fall say hello maple and so long pumpkin spice

However you enjoy fall’s hottest flavor, know that you’re making a nutritious choice. Not only is maple syrup high in healthful antioxidants but it also includes essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and manganese.

To see recipes using maple syrup click here .
Healthy Living
Straight talk about my bad, bendy posture

Stand up. Stand up straight.
When was the last time you heard that? You were probably a kid.
Many of us don't pay much attention to posture today.
I slump, you slump, we all slump.
Collectively, we have become a chiropractor's dream.
We see somebody slouching, and we don't say, "Stand up straight," we ask, "Who are you texting?"

The good news is that I now know where you can go to learn good posture. I was looking at photos of a recent wedding, and one of the women commented on the bride's good posture. Another woman agreed, and at the same time they both said, "Show choir!"

To read more click here.

Virtual Programming

Military Family Services uses virtual programs to bring quality, interactive and informative workshops, meetings and recordings to all CAF families, regardless of their posted location.

We do this using an on-line program called WebEx. We utilize this medium because our families are spread out across Canada and the U.S. The virtual classroom allows us to connect and engage with each other from our homes and offices.

To read more on MFSUS's virtual programs please click here.
MFSC Regional Spotlight
Things are hopping in Colorado!  
sharing on behalf of Colorado Springs MFSC

With a community of 160 CAF families located both in Denver and Colorado Springs, there are plenty of people to meet and to join in on some fun together. For example, earlier this year, over 50 Canadians met a park in Castlerock Colorado for an afternoon with fellow Canucks. Warm weather and sunny skies proved to be the right combination for a picnic lunch and time well spent outdoors. Members posted to Colorado also had the chance to connect (and in some cases reconnect!) with friends. The end result was a closer community feel and the chance to “reach out across the miles”.
Please read more here .
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
FAQ's & Important Forms
Our team has designed FAQ;'s from questions directly from you. 

Useful links when you are posted OUTCAN, check them out!
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How to Contact Us
"Your Go To" Resource

If you and your family have any ideas, questions, comments that you would like to share    with the MFS US Team, please forward them to  Outreach . We want to hear from YOU!!

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DWAN NOTE:    Please be advised that DWAN only allows for text versions of MFS Newsletters and Email Notices or Announcements. If you would like to receive the full version of these, please reply to  Outreach   and provide us with a personal email address.

Useful  links  when you are posted OUTCAN, check them out!
If you have a link you would like to share please click   here .
Useful  links  when you are posted OUTCAN, check them out!
If you have a link you would like to share please click   here .