Military Family Services US - September 2017- National Newsletter
The weather is changing, kids are back in school, and families are starting to get back into a routine. Fall is one of the most wonderful times of year!!

If you are new to the US or you would like to hear what services MFSUS can help support you in, please join us for our annual Welcome Brief .

We will be hosting the brief on two different days in order to accommodate all time zones and to get the most attendance.

Read below in the newsletter for dates and timings in your area.

Wishing you all a successful Fall and transition into your new community!

Your Military Family Services US Team
Are you a CAF family posted to a US location this summer where there is no onsite military family
services staff?

Please join us for our live, online meeting – 2017 MFSUS Right Start Brief.

During this one hour webinar we will introduce the MFS staff that works with the families in your location.

We will talk about the programs and services that are provided to you throughout the year, and we will get you connected virtually with resources, information and other CAF families in the US

If you cannot make one of our live sessions, we will be recording them as well.

CLICK HERE for information and how to register for one of our 2 sessions.
Staying Connected

4 Labour day 
11 Patriot day
14 Right Start Brief
22 Fall begins
Sharing From MFS


Military Families linking CAF families with information relevant to them.

Real Military Family Series  What's your story? Share with the military community, families are listening.
Take a Look at the CFMWS Annual Report

Canadain Moral and Welfare Services celebrated 20 years of relentless services to the men and women who served our country and their families. To view m ore details please click here .
Invictus 2017 Are You In?

Invictus Games 2017 will bring together more than 600 competitors from up to 16 nations to compete in 12 sports. Canada is proud to host the next Invictus Games in Toronto in 2017. 
Healthy Living
How Do You Stay Healthy?

The OutCan Physical Fitness Program provides fitness, sports and health services to CAF personnel and their families posted outside of Canada. The Program is funded by Personnel Support Programs (PSP), a division of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS). Services include CAF-specific programs such as annual physical fitness evaluations, physical fitness programs and fitness qualification training courses.

The Program also supports military spouses by offering services both in-person when PSP Fitness and Health Promotion staff travel to the various locations in the USA and Europe as well as remotely via email, webinars, websites, newsletters and phone.

Some examples of the services available to spouses include one-on-one consultations, fitness clinics, fitness training programs, weight room familiarization sessions and presentations on fitness training, healthy eating, fat loss, stress management and injury prevention.

To read more click here.
Virtual Programming

Military Family Services uses virtual programs to bring quality, interactive and informative workshops, meetings and recordings to all CAF families, regardless of their posted location.
We do this using an on-line program called WebEx. We utilize this medium because our families are spread out across Canada and the U.S. The virtual classroom allows us to connect and engage with each other from our homes and offices.

To read more on MFSUS's virtual programs please click here.
MFSC Regional Spotlight
Living in the Sunshine State
sharing on behalf of Tyndall MFSC

Although Floridians think summer is an indoor season, our Canadian Detachment has found numerous occasions to enjoy the sunshine state. Please read more here .
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
FAQ's & Important Forms
Our team has designed FAQ;'s from questions directly from you. 

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How to Contact Us
"Your Go To" Resource

If you and your family have any ideas, questions, comments that you would like to share    with the MFS US Team, please forward them to  Outreach . We want to hear from YOU!!

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DWAN NOTE:    Please be advised that DWAN only allows for text versions of MFS Newsletters and Email Notices or Announcements. If you would like to receive the full version of these, please reply to  Outreach   and provide us with a personal email address.

Useful  links  when you are posted OUTCAN, check them out!
If you have a link you would like to share please click   here .
Useful  links  when you are posted OUTCAN, check them out!
If you have a link you would like to share please click   here .