Military Family Services US - October 2017- National Newsletter
September was a busy month with natural disasters across the US. Natural Disasters can happen anywhere, anytime, and being prepared is key. In this newsletter you will see some emergency preparedness and assistance resources to add to your favorites.

Please remember you are not alone, and our team is here to support you.

The Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up, a time to show gratitude. Remember those that will not be at the table this thanksgiving, and to be thankful for the experiences we encounter each and every day. It's also a great time to connect and meet new friends.

We wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend.

Your Military Family Services US Team
Take a look at the CFMWS annual report

Canadian Moral and Welfare Services celebrated 20 years of relentless services to the men and women who served our country and their families. To view m ore details please click here .
Staying Connected

1 International Coffee Day
31 Halloween
Sharing From MFS


Military Families linking CAF families with information relevant to them.

Real Military Family Series  What's your story? Share with the military community, families are listening.
Disaster and emergency preparedness and assistance resources
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Be prepared. Mark some of these resources on your favorites list.

For more information read here.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an app to receive updates on weather alerts, receive safety reminders,locate open shelters, upload images to help first responders. For more information read here .
The ultimate military Discount

Military members can save money on hotels, flights, car rentals & more!
Healthy Living
A burst of activity; With a little tweaking the 7-minute workout could be what many Canadians are seeking

It's no wonder the 7-Minute Workout took the world by storm when it debuted in 2013, promising a full-body workout in just a few minutes a day.
One of the first workouts to demonstrate the power of high intensity interval training (HIIT) to the general public, it consists of 12 body weight exercises (squats, two variations of push ups, jumping jacks, lunges, dips, step-ups, wall sits, crunches, two variations of planks, running on the spot) performed in 30-second bursts with a 10-second rest between each exercise. The only equipment needed is a chair, making it perfect not just for time-crunched exercisers, but for travelers, apartment dwellers and anyone else who doesn't want to invest in a home gym.

To read more click here.

Join a community of women supporting YOU to step into your greatness...

A Canadian Military Spouse on a OUTCAN in Texas provides a platform for women, regardless of geographic location, to share their stories and experiences.
Dr. Catherine Hansen is a military spouse, a mom of 3, OBGYN, speaker, wellness leader and an educator.
Dr. Hansen shares her story on hurricane Harvey and the experiences that her family and many others encountered, to listen click   here .  (See "5 Steps to sanity after hurricane Harvey" video)
Women are invited to join this global community of like-minded, health-conscious women in the Empowered Women's Circle (all free, all virtual, all welcome).
Register   here .

Virtual Programming

Military Family Services uses virtual programs to bring quality, interactive and informative workshops, meetings and recordings to all CAF families, regardless of their posted location.

We do this using an on-line program called WebEx. We utilize this medium because our families are spread out across Canada and the U.S. The virtual classroom allows us to connect and engage with each other from our homes and offices.

To read more on MFSUS's virtual programs please click here.
2017 Right start welcome brief for new OUTCAN families

If you missed one of our live online meetings for this years Right Start Brief – it’s not too late to get this valuable information. We recorded the information for you!

Check out our 30 minute recording.


If you are planning to work in the United States you should attend this meeting!

MFS U.S. invites you to join us for an online meeting with guest speaker, Susan Ong, who will be walking us thru the steps and the process of obtaining and then renewing your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) in the U.S.

There will be a time for Q&A.

When: Tuesday, October 24th

Time: 2:30pm ET, 1:30pm CT, 12:30pm MT, 11:30am PT, 10:30am AK, 9:30am HI

Where: Join from the comfort of your home computer!

MFSC Regional Spotlight
Online virtual book club
sharing on behalf of Tinker MFSC

The Book Club meets online, from the comfort of the member’s own homes, monthly using WebEx. WebEx is very easy to use and all that is needed is a computer and headset. The meetings are scheduled by the MFS Virtual Program Coordinator on WebEx, and then an email with a link to the meeting is sent to all participants. At the time of meeting, all attendees just click on the link and are directed into the meeting. It truly is that easy!
Please read more here .
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
FAQ's & Important Forms
Our team has designed FAQ;'s from questions directly from you. 

Useful links when you are posted OUTCAN, check them out!
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How to Contact Us
"Your Go To" Resource

If you and your family have any ideas, questions, comments that you would like to share    with the MFS US Team, please forward them to  Outreach . We want to hear from YOU!!

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DWAN NOTE:    Please be advised that DWAN only allows for text versions of MFS Newsletters and Email Notices or Announcements. If you would like to receive the full version of these, please reply to  Outreach   and provide us with a personal email address.

Useful  links  when you are posted OUTCAN, check them out!
If you have a link you would like to share please click   here .
Useful  links  when you are posted OUTCAN, check them out!
If you have a link you would like to share please click   here .