Keeping you in Holistic Care
To my Dear Clients,
Since 2016 when I was introduced to the idea, I have been eager to try giving Remote Shiatsu. Clearly now is the time.

I have been honing this over the last six weeks, and it's working marvelously. People are feeling the connection, and the benefits.
I feel strongly called upon to keep you in holistic care during these times!
Remote Shiatsu works essentially the same way as regular Shiatsu, except that the contact is maintained purely through consciousness.

Though the standard-format Shiatsu is very "physical," it is also highly nuanced energy work, and it doesn't necessitate physical contact.

I can help you with virtually any issue physical, emotional, or psycho-spiritual in nature. Yes, this includes immunity, anxiety, and sleep!

If you are wondering if I can help with something specific, just ask!
Session Format // What to expect
Sessions are 30-40 minutes and take place over video call.

We begin with a short intake. Then you lie down and the treatment begins.

So far, everyone I have worked with has felt deeply refreshed by the end of the session, with improvements either by the end of the session or within a few days after the session.
Sliding Scale
I realize many people have been affected financially to varying degrees.

I have a deep desire to work with you! And I don't want money to be a barrier. So...
Sessions are offered on a sliding scale. Suggested amounts are $22, $45, $70 or $90. Any amount in that range is welcome.

Payments can be made online by CC with Square, Paypal, or Zelle
I look forward to seeing you!!!