Northshore Young Professionals Community Service Project Update: Our NYPs collected over 300 donated items to bring to Heritage Manor in Mandeville just in time for their holiday party! Thank you to all of the NYPs who donated an item or money for this year's community service project! #nypgivesback
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St. Tammany Corp. welcomes new U.S. headquarters of major manufacturing company to Slidell: “We are proud to be the new home of Advanced Sinter Metal Technologies, Inc.,” said Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President. “Mayor Greg Cromer of Slidell and Chris Masingill, the new CEO of St. Tammany Corporation, have done an excellent job of showcasing Slidell, and St. Tammany Parish, as the ideal place for businesses to locate or expand. Slidell has a highly educated workforce, a superior quality of life, a very accessible location, and with our amazing school system, it’s the perfect place to do business. When economic development and government work together, great things are accomplished.”
How to use Do Not Disturb While Driving: With iOS 11 and later, your iPhone can sense when you might be driving and prevent notifications.
For those Who Find the Holidays Triggering: Give some thought to what might make you leave the holidays feeling a little stronger and more confident—little changes can make a difference. Here are a few words of advice knowing that each of us have unique family circumstances.