Blessings from the week...
Spouse of the Mother of God....
Foster father of the Son of God...
Head of the Holy Family...
Mirror of Patience...
Model of Workmen....
Pillar of families...
Protector of the Holy Church...
St. Joseph.... pray for us!
Students made a brief visit to our school grotto (dedicated to St. Joseph) to offer gifts and prayers of thanksgiving.
Next week we embark on a READ-A-THON journey!
Students in Preschool through Grade 8 will be securing a sponsor or two, and setting some personal and classroom goals!
Looking forward to a fun week of reading together, while raising a bit of money for our fabulous school!
With more than half of the school year completed, while Remote Learning has always BEEN AN OPTION, the time has come to "pull back the reins" on the number of students engaging in remote learning.

As you are all well aware, remote learning was designed for students whose families were not comfortable with a full in-person return to school, as well as a way to keep our in-person learning environment healthy. Remote learning has been used for those families who were quarantined or at home with COVID symptoms, or if the student or any family member was ill. It does, however, put a strain on teacher instruction, and is not the preferred mode of learning and development for young children.
At this time, at the onset of the third trimester,
REMOTE LEARNING is only acceptable for those students who:
  • Have chosen to be strictly remote learners;
  • Have been placed on quarantine and/or have mild symptoms;
  • Have a family member at home who is ill.

Moving forward in the third trimester, we want to be healthy and finish the year strong!
REMOTE LEARNING is not to be engaged
  • For students with medical or dental appointments;
  • For family schedule convenience
  • As a social/emotional wellness tool without consultation with the school and a counselor.

IF YOU HAVE SELECTED AN IN-PERSON MODEL FOR YOUR CHILD'S LEARNING (as most of our parents have), your child is expected to be in school, in person, unless they are quarantined, ill themselves, or one of your family members is ill.

Remote learning was an awesome alternative during the darkest days of COVID, however, in the days and few months ahead, your child will need approval to be a remote learner.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.
This past week our NJHS members happily encouraged our students to make cards for the elderly residents at Autumn Glenn.
The continued support of our school community in our weekly efforts to be aware of the needs of others is GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Our school families are beyond generous!
Next week's almsgiving opportunity?
More donations to the Dartmouth Humane Society will be accepted!
Please take the time to CLICK HERE to see the schedule of service & plan accordingly by CLICKING HERE to see a list of possible donations!
This Evening's Parish Lenten Offering:

Masses for the Feast of St. Joseph
Friday, March 19th
9am & 7pm
Monday 3/22!

Students should come to school dressed in their "Spring best" as all are photographed. (Non-uniform policies apply)

Please note: Lifetouch will be unable to set up outside on Monday. Spring pictures will be taking place in the former Art room! Remote learners who would like to "beat the rush" can arrive as early as 7:30am to have their pictures taken.
Thank you!
Guessing Jar Winners!

Mrs. Vigeant and fifth grader Luke Hamel... outstanding estimation skills you two! Well done... and well done Grade 8!
Next week, here's what's on the MENU:
Mon 3/22- Egg & Cheese on a Croissant
Tues 3/23- Taco Beef & Rice Bowl
Wed 3/24- Bologna & Cheese Sandwich
Thur 3/25- Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Fri 3/26- Cheese Pizza!
... will be sent home electronically on
Monday, March 22nd !
Dress Down Day Success!
$393 raised for the Maronite Sisters!
They say, "THANK YOU!"
Celebrating the Gift of Life!
This upcoming week we celebrate:
Eighth Grader, Emilia Shaughnessy, 3/24!
Kindergartener, Ivy DesRoches, 3/26!
Happy Birthday to you!