Blessings from the Week......
A Blustery Send Off
The wind gusts would never have stopped us from paying tribute and honoring our dear Mrs. Ledoux!
Click here for more great photos of the moving procession that led to a beautiful funeral Mass.
Photo credit: Peter Pereira
We have not received a great response to the request to submit the participation permission form that was sent home in last week's Friday folder.
Please consider participating in this fundraiser, as 45% of every bar sold will be applied to your Family Fundraising Obligation!
Everyone LOVES Chocolate!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
WOW.... just WOW!
Calculations still in progress, but already it is clear to see that St. Francis LOVES Reading! Thank you parents (family & friends) for your continued support of our numerous initiatives promoting the service opportunities & academic endeavors of our students! Student recognition and fundraising totals to be shared during Catholic Schools Week!
St. Francis Catholic Schools Week is Next Week!

Revised schedule sent in folders today to serve as your "road map"!
Looking forward to a fun, faith-filled week!
Most especially in this year that we do not see each otherfamilies, it would be greatly appreciated if you send along a selfie or family picture that we can include in an SFX school community display. This Easter weekend would be a great time to capture a quick shot and sending along to
Entering into the three day celebration of the Paschal Mystery... the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Won't you join Him on the journey?
Services at St. Francis Xavier Parish:
 Don't miss your chance to capture this historical year in our lives...
2020-2021 has been a great year!

Order online at  
  (and pay by credit card)
SFX Yearbook ID code: 13055621

A whole year of great memories to treasure
in one great book for only $25
(hardcover only $30).
Thank you for placing your order NOW so we can get a sense for numbers.
If you have been thinking that the School Events Committee has been quiet for a bit, you are correct! With the holy season of Lent almost behind us, get ready for an SEC revival! Celebrating Our Lord's resurrection for the next 50 days will be speckled with a few School Events Committee "treats"
Our students are so excited about this!
Competition at its Finest!

More details to be found in this week's
Friday Folder.
This fundraiser is a Grade 8/School Events Committee 50/50 split!
Details for this first time event can be found HERE and in this week's Friday folder!
Please order your BINGO cards and be prepared for some good old fashioned fun! Multiple games will be played, guest callers will be present, prizes will be awarded and FUN WILL BE HAD!

Please note: Bingo card orders must be placed by Thursday 4/8 & purchased cards will be sent home in Friday folders on 4/9!
Please be sure to read the information provided here and in Friday folders to help us create a magnificent outdoor, outward display of our faith and perseverance displayed during the 2020-2021 school year.
We are very excited about this project and hope that you will be as well!
Next week, here's what's on the MENU:
Mon 4/5- NO SCHOOL!
Tues 4/6- Baked Mac n' Cheese
Wed 4/7- Cheese Pizza Quesadilla
Thur 4/8- Taco Beef & Rice Bowl
Fri 4/9- Ham & Cheese Croissant
Celebrating the Gift of Life!
Today... Preschooler, Holden Meadows!
This upcoming week we celebrate:
First Grader, Declan Martin, 4/2!
Fourth Grader, Elizabeth Maldonado 4/3!
Sixth Grader, Claire Vieira 4/4!
Happy Birthday to you!