Blessings from the week...
A beautiful day for a
Our Master Calendar reflects a "TBD" Professional Day for our teachers...
PLEASE note that the date of this PD day has been scheduled for
Tuesday, March 16th.
There will be NO SCHOOL for students this day, so please plan accordingly. Thank you!
If you have not already done so, yet intend to, NOW is the time to solidify your child's seat for the 2021-2022 school year! Beginning next week, we will be looking at each class size to determine how many students we will be able to enroll from our current wait lists. If you have not yet paid your registration fee, or would like to discuss financial need at this time in order to do so, PLEASE call the school office this week. We obviously put our current school families ahead of new families, so please let us know your intentions and/or need!

Also, just a reminder that FACE applications are due by March 5th. Please begin the application process even if your 2020 taxes are not yet complete.
Let's Journey with Jesus!
Our National Junior Honor Society has done a fantastic job planning weekly service projects for our school community during Lent. Please take the time to CLICK HERE to see the schedule of service & plan accordingly by CLICKING HERE to see a list of possible donations!
Coming up next week is donations for the NICU at Women & Infants Hospital.
Parish Lenten Offering:
  • Stations of the Cross take place at SFX parish on Fridays during Lent @ 7pm. Please join us if you are able!
Catholic Icing is a great resource for families of our younger students. Click the pic/icon to discover living the liturgical season with your child(ren).
For our older students, Busted Halo provides just the right balance of great learning material and fun,,, Click the icon to check it out!
For our school parents, check out Dynamic Catholics Best Lent ever program for a daily "jolt" of Lenten challenge and prayer! It's not too late to feed your soul this Lent. Click the icon to begin the journey!
School Events Committee

Our next meeting is scheduled for this coming Monday evening, March 1st! Help us welcome in the new month by supporting our efforts to create some fun for our students during this socially challenging time!
Click here for zoom link information, and we hope to "see" you then!

Items on agenda include but not limited to:
  • the Resurrection of Catholic Schools Week 2021...
  • future fundraising including Gala 2021
  • any ideas you may "bring to the table"!
Catholic Schools Week... to take place after the RESURRECTION!

Please note that our CSW festivities will be postponed until after Easter... with the prayer filled, service driven, fasting focused Lenten season upon us, we shall wait until we can truly celebrate!
Next week, here's what's on the MENU:
Mon 3/1- Cheese Pizza
Tues 3/2- Chicken & Mashed Bowl w/ Gravy
Wed 3/3- Pasta Salad w/ Chicken & Cheddar
Thur 3/4- Pasta w/ Meat Sauce
Fri 3/5- Egg & Cheese on a Croissant

Celebrating the Gift of Life!

This week we celebrated:

Sixth Grader Jacob Florent, 2/23!
Small Wonder, Ella Hevey, 2/23!
Kindergartener, Jackson Bentley, 2/24!
Instructional Assistant, Mrs. Gomes, 2/25!
Sixth Grader, Thomas Buss, 2/25!
Seventh Grader, Chris Christopolous, 2/25!
Second Grader, Sophia Forand, TODAY!
Fourth Grader, Layla Sullivan, TOMORROW!

... and next week:

Seventh Grader, Ella DeAlmeida, 3/2!
Sixth Grader, Elias Kazan, 3/4!
Fourth Grader, Corrine Carreiro, 3/5!

Happy Birthday to all of you!