The cookies are coming!
The cookies are coming!
Otis cookie delivery is scheduled for this coming Wednesday the 16th! We are expecting a 12-2pm pick up window with the location TBD. Please be advised that cookie dough must be picked up this day, as we will not be able to hold onto the orders... ALL must go!
All student report cards were sent home electronically on Tuesday, December 8th. If you did not receive your child(ren)'s report card(s), or have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. We will do our best to answer or facilitate the answering of your questions.
"Buzz words, what's with all these buzz words?
Grace.... that's a buzz word!"

Another huge thank you to our
Talent Show Committee for
an exceptional show last Friday evening raising our spirits, as well as $1200 for our school!

Thank you to our school families for their generosity and support!

Please click here for a video submission that somehow got lost in the ethers!
Today's Friday Folder contains a letter from our school nurses, asking for your commitment to the flu shot mandate. Please fill out and return to school on Monday.
Christmas Choices Consultation

Our school nurses have been absolutely amazing throughout these months, studying, advising and tracking absences. If you have any questions whatsoever pertaining to the health of your family, or any decisions that may ultimately impact our school community, please reach out for advisement and proper protocols.
Christmas Celebrations Impacted!
Obviously, this year has its fair share of challenges and we are so pleased to have been able to maintain a healthy learning environment for our students thus far. We realize that traditions die hard, but we are requesting that this year we refrain from the transfer of student gifts/treat bags from one home to another. We will allow our students to exchange UNSEALED Christmas cards should they desire. The cards that are exchanged will be placed in a gallon zip lock bag, and it will be strongly recommended that the cards be "quarantined" until Christmas. Classroom teachers will make arrangements for an individually wrapped treat (tree nut/peanut free of course!) on Friday, December 18th, so that each class can join together to celebrate the JOY of the season.
Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to the day that we can more "normally" celebrate Christmas with our school community.
Friday, December 18th will be our final day together until Christmas! Please remain safe and make good choices during our two week break. Please remember that individual family decisions made to "push the boundaries" of the protocols could impact our entire school community are highly discouraged!
We have been so wonderfully healthy and blessed! Help us to keep it that way!
Remote Learning...
always and option!
Thank you to those families who proceed with extreme caution and when in doubt, engage in remote learning!
St. Nick's Workshop
is well underway!

In the midst of challenges, as usual, we bring our "A Game"! Thank your for supporting our 8th graders in their St. Nicholas workshop efforts! Orders have been placed, and our 8th grade elves will be very busy preparing the gifts selected for our school families.
Monday 12/14- Pizza
Tuesday 12/15- Grilled Cheese
Wednesday 12/16- Pasta Salad w/ Chicken
Thursday 12/17- Pasta w/ Meat Sauce
Friday 12/18- Ham & Cheese Croissant
**Please note that St. Francis is now a Peanut/Tree Nut Free School!
Upcoming Birthdays to be Celebrated!
Today.... Kindergartener, Gavin Duff!
Preschooler, Peter Voci,12/13!
Fourth Grader, Caden Kosbowski, 12/14!
Third Grader, Brandon Dube, 12/14!
Kindergartener, Cole McIntosh, 12/18!
Happy Birthday!
PLEASE NOTE: While birthdays can be celebrated during snack time here at school, treats must be individually packaged! Thank you for your understanding and compliance!
Enter JOYFULLY into the 3rd week of Advent!
Gaudete Sunday
During the Third Week of Advent, we seek the JOY that comes as we recall the birth of the Christ child, that first Christmas!
Advent Families 2020
Our National Junior Honor Society has done a wonderful job increasing student awareness of our Advent families in need of our prayers and support. Donated gift cards have been rolling in, and students are pleased with making their contribution to our efforts to support these families in need!
Called to be Disciples!
A snapshot of our virtual Mass and Spiritual Communion for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on Tuesday!
Patroness of Our Country.... Pray for Us!
Click here for an Advent message from our Bishop!