Blessings from the week...
Happy Feast of St. Valentine's Day!
Our week happily ended with a
Dress Down Day!
Go forth and enjoy our well deserved break!
We have arrived at a much needed and well deserved February break!
While we REST, REVIVE & RESET our batteries, it is ESSENTIAL that the fun planned for this upcoming week is SMART & SAFE! If you have plans to travel, get together with friends, or plan playdates and sleepovers, you could be putting our school community at risk.
We will put forth a mid-week check in for our school families next week.
Please watch for the survey as we assess the health of our school community for
reentry after the break. Your continued transparency is appreciated.
It is important that you "SAVE YOUR SEAT" if you haven't done so already!

Enrollment for 2021-2022 for new potential families has officially begun, and the number of daily inquiries about enrollment has increased! As you are aware, due to the current guidelines and the uncertainly of the fall, it will be necessary to get a head count for each of our classes in order to assess how many new students we are able to enroll.
Please let us know your intentions, as soon as you possibly can, so that you do not miss out on a seat in your child(ren)'s current class.
Enrollment is finalized when registration fee is paid.

**During break, the mail slot to the left of the front doors of the school will be checked can drop off your Registration Fee payment there.
MAP Growth Reports were sent home to our school families this week. Generally speaking, our students did quite well on this midyear assessment! Well done!
In case you missed the email or still need to do so, please CLICK HERE to join in our NJHS initiated school wide effort to send 100 valentines to children at St. Jude's Hospital! Thank you for taking the time to validate with your child the importance of considering those in challenging situations and spreading JOY to others!
Nominee’s Name: Laurie Bentley
School Name: St. Francis Xavier
Nominated By: Michelle Teixeira
Mrs. Bentley has been outstanding in her ability to transition between in person and remote for our students. My son has had to make that transition a few times this year due to COVID-19. Mrs Bentley has gone above and beyond to ensure they have all the tools needed for success whether they are in class or remote.
Thank YOU Mrs Bentley for always showing your positive attitude and smiling ensuring our children that we CAN overcome obstacles by working together.
During Catholic Schools Week, the Diocese encouraged families to celebrate our faculty and staff by providing testimonials!
Way to go, Mrs. Bentley!
Stay tuned for when we will be able to properly celebrate the postponed Catholic Schools Week activities as a school community!
Our Lenten journey will begin during our break this year!
Ash Wednesday marks the onset of the holiest season of the liturgical year and although we will not be together in person, we will be so in prayer!
Please plan to reinforce the Lenten practices of
using the resources provided HERE by the Office of Faith Formation or this three minute video from Busted Halo!

**Stay tuned for some more creative ideas that our NJHS has been working on to engage our school community in more PRAYER, FASTING, and ALMSGIVING, throughout the 40 Days of Lent.
Come Begin your Lenten Journey at St. Francis!

  • Masses at 9 am & 7 pm

  • Services of the Word with Ashes at 6:45 a.m., Noon, and 5:30 p.m.

Upon our return, here's what's on the MENU:
Mon 2/22- Egg & Cheese Croissant
Tues 2/23- Taco Beef & Rice Bowl
Wed 2/24- Bologna & Cheese Sandwich
Thur 2/25- Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Fri 2/26- Crispy Fish Sticks
The Vaccine Roll Out continues....
Click here for more information, here for some vaccination FAQ's and here for a video of vaccination need to knows!
Celebrating the Gift of Life!
Happy Birthday over the break to:
Second Grader, Victoria Ribeiro , 2/18!
Looking forward to spring and summer?

Fairhaven Acushnet Youth Baseball League is too!