The Fourth Week of Advent
As we enter into the final week of Advent, we anticipate the Birth of Our Savior! Come Lord Jesus!
Advent Families 2020
Collaboratively, our school family raised close to $3000 worth of gift cards for our adopted St. Vincent dePaul families! These families have been lifted in prayer throughout the season of Advent as well, and will be grateful beyond words for your generosity.
Thank you to our National Junior Honor Society who worked hard to raise students' awareness of the importance of giving generously to those in need.
Damien's Pantry - An Opportunity to Serve Others

Damien's Pantry is looking for temporary volunteers! The pantry currently has over 75 boxes of donated food items that need to be sorted before it is distributed. They are expecting more donations as we approach Christmas! The days/hours are Tues, Wed, Thurs & Friday 8:30am-11:30am and Saturday 8:30-11am. If your family is interested in this community service opportunity, please click here to communicate your interest!
No Room at the Inn?
Come Celebrate the Birth of Our Lord at St. Francis Xavier Church!

With current restrictions, families may find that their parish Christmas services are filled to capacity.
Father Williams has increased the number of Masses to celebrate the Birth of Our Lord, and there are open pews!
If you would like to make a reservation to attend Mass at St. Francis this Christmas, please click here to let the parish office know!

Mass times are as follows:
Christmas Eve 2pm, 4pm, 6pm & midnight
Christmas Day- 8am & 10:30am

Christmas Choices Consultation

Our school nurses have been absolutely amazing throughout these months, studying, advising and tracking absences. If you have any questions whatsoever pertaining to the health of your family, or any decisions that may ultimately impact our school community, please reach out for advisement and proper protocols.
Upon our return....
Please remain safe and make good choices during our two week break. Please remember that individual family decisions made to "push the boundaries" of the protocols could impact our entire school community are highly discouraged!
We have been so wonderfully healthy and blessed! Help us to keep it that way!
A Best Practice and the Right Thing to Do for those who travel or violate protocols & guidelines!
Virtual Talent Show.... Check!

What's next on the agenda for fun and fundraising for our school community??
Join us Monday evening, January 4th @ 7pm as we enter the new year with positive spirits and a continued creative mindset!
Hope to "see" you there!
St. Nick's Workshop
A HUGE Success!

Different times call for different measures, and our 8th graders did an outstanding job bringing the spirit of St. Nicholas and his generous giving to our school community. Thank you so much for supporting our 8th graders in their efforts to bring Christmas cheer in a pandemic year!
Monday 1/4- Chicken & Mashed Potato Bowl w/ Gravy
Tuesday 1/5- Cheese Pizza
Wednesday 1/6- Pasta Salad w/ Chicken & Cheddar Cubes
Thursday 1/7- Ham & Cheese Croissant
Friday 1/8- Pasta w/ Meat Sauce
**Please note that St. Francis is now a Peanut/Tree Nut Free School!
Upcoming Birthdays to be Celebrated!
Today....Kindergartener Cole McIntosh !
First Grade Aide, Mrs. Araujo, 12/19!
Third Grader, Kate Hamel , 12/19!
First Grader, Aubriel O'Driscoll , 12/20!
Kindergarten Aide, Mrs. Motto, 12/20!
Eighth Grader. Alena Nelson, 12/21!
Third Grader, Clare Shaughnessy, 12/21!
Second Grader, Norah Costa, 12/22!
Fifth Grader, Caroline Hannigan, 12/23!
Second Grader, Carter Renner, 12/25!
Preschooler, Liam Isidoro, 12/25!
Small Wonder, Emelie Michaud, 12/26!
Third Grader, Bennett Gardner, 1/1!
Fourth Grader, Savannah Bettancourt-Zhan, 1/2!
Art/Music Teacher. Mrs. Angeley, 1/2!
Happy Birthday to all of you!
PLEASE NOTE: While birthdays can be celebrated during snack time here at school, treats must be individually packaged! Thank you for your understanding and compliance!
A Benefit of Spending a Day at Home!
Thanks to our parent (and sister) volunteers who helped sort and distribute the Otis cookie dough order on Wednesday.
You are amazing!
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year, Mrs. Reis