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Joy to the world! The Lord is come: let earth receive her King; let every heart prepare him room, and heaven and nature sing.
A message from the Rector
December 15, 2020 

In this third week of Advent we reflect on joy and the joy that comes from dedicating our lives to God. As Mary, the poor girl in a rural village, proclaimed the greatness of the Lord in God’s desire for her to bear Jesus into the world, and as John the Baptist leapt in Elizabeth’s womb when pregnant Mary walked into the house, we too know abundant joy when look toward Jesus and use our time on this earth to serve the Lord. 

Several years ago I took a pilgrimage with a group of clergy through the Holy Land (Israel and Palestine).  We were in Palestine and I was riding in the back seat of a very bumpy ride on the way to tour an Episcopal school.  Our Palestinian school guide and driver described his routines in serving the students, their families, and God.  As I listened to him speak and watched his expression in the rearview mirror, I wondered if he was happy.  In a moment of quiet, I decided to ask him. 

“Are you happy?”

“Happy?” he asked, sounding genuinely confused by the question. 

I thought perhaps it was a language barrier at first. I tried to rephrase, “Do you have joy in all that you’ve described?” 

He sat quietly, pensively for a long moment. My colleagues and I waited quietly as the car jostled us around on the bumpy road, passing massively graffitied walls, crumbling buildings, and visible poverty.

Two worldviews colliding: one, a white-American 20-something female priest and another, Palestinian 50-something male educator. Both Christians, both pondering joy and God. 

In a sure, yet tender voice, he said, “This is my duty. It is my duty to God. And in serving God, I have great joy.”

With that, friends, I hope this third week of Advent reminds you that in all circumstances, all walks of life, true joy is found when we turn our lives over to God. 

In addition to partaking in Advent worship services, I’m offering a ZOOM Advent Reflection group on Thursdays at 10am for one hour to reflect and share stories on the weekly themes of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love. I hope to see you there! 

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Katlin
Christmas Mass Schedule
December 24th:
Kūpuna Mass IN PERSON only@ 2PM
Family Mass IN PERSON And ONLINE @ 4PM;
Lessons and Carols ONLINE Only @ 7PM
December 25th:
Christmas Day Service - ONLINE And IN PERSON @ 9AM
From our Sunday School Director
Do Not Be Afraid: A Virtual Christmas Pageant is a virtual Christmas pageant featuring our Sunday School children and adults from the parishes of Holy Apostles-Hilo and St. James-Waimea. Centered on the narratives surrounding Jesus’ birth from the gospels of Matthew and Luke, this is like your traditional Christmas pageant but is pre-recorded, Zoom-able, and intergenerational.   The pageant features young and old nativity characters, virtual image backgrounds, and live musicians.  The theology is solid, and graphics are awesome.  It is written with various roles for all ages.  You’ll enjoy the language that is inclusive, modern, funny, but stays true to the Nativity narrative.  Additionally, the play features original, colorful and imaginative scene cards to announce transitions and set new locations as each scene opens.

Because our performers live between two long distance locations, we are creating a movie version of this pageant.  Our God is an awesome God inspiring us to continue to reach out to our Sunday School  kids and their families this Christmas through the power of Zoom communications and Facebook. You ’re invited to see our virtual Christmas pageant on the Holy Apostles’ Facebook website beginning December 24. Mark your calendars and come and join us! 
Pageant Review Dec 10, 2020
As my church wraps on the recording and publishing of this pageant, I just wanted to say a sincere thank you. We are a tiny group with an ever tinier group of kids. We’ve been virtual since March and the kids don’t attend so our congregation has missed them growing up. Our families were more than a little excited to participate and the videos are so heartfelt. The message is perfect. The content is funny and flexible. The meaning is impactful beyond words. 
December 20:  Fourth Week of Advent
Light Four Candles—The lighting of the candles reminds us of the coming of God’s promised light into the darkness of the world.  Watch the light grow as we get closer to celebrating the birth of Jesus.

“My eyes have seen your salvation.  You prepared this salvation in the presence of all peoples.  It’s a light for revelation to the Gentiles and a glory for your people of Israel.” -Luke 2:30-32

As we light all four candles of the Advent wreath, we give thanks for your great love in Jesus, your Son.  Help us to make room in our hearts for your love and live in our bodies, minds and spirts.  Amen.
Sunday School Schedule
Sunday Dec 27 no class

Sunday Jan 10 Zoom 10:30am

Sunday Jan 31 Zoom 10:30am

Sunday Feb 7 Zoom 10:30am
New Podcasts this Advent Season
Stewardship Campaign 2021-Thank you for your pledges!
Stewardship Season 2021 kicked off with the mailing of a pledge packet. So far 51 people have turned in their pledges. With God’s Help you are invited to take a moment to reflect on our individual and collective callings as members of the Body of Christ, and how we each are blessed by our Lord with gifts to seek and serve Christ in those around us.

Do not neglect to do good and who share what you have for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Hebrews 13:16.
You are invited to the Season of Hope, an inspiring event that will uplift the spirit through music, laughter, storytelling, and the powerful intention of Aloha. 
Whether you are near or far you can be a part of this special event. Download your Star for free, then take a moment to remember your loved one or someone who is no longer here with us. Inside the star, write them a message of love or a special memory. On the reverse of the Star, write your hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Once you've completed both sides, cut out the star and mail it in. Make sure to get your star in before the event!
Tune in to watch the event on Wednesday, December 23, 2020 at 5:30 pm on our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel
Start each day of Advent with a splash of joy! 
Open a door to a photo or a brief video for a glimpse into the lives of Holy Land Christians and the humanitarian ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. 
The calendar may take several seconds to arrive. As the herald angels said to the shepherds, “fear not!”
Episcopal Relief & Development launches new online prayer experience
On November 30, Episcopal Relief & Development launched a new online prayer experience. It is designed to provide a curated list of prayers to guide supporters in praying for significant seasons in The Episcopal Church, disasters and other events.
“The staff and partners of Episcopal Relief & Development first turn to prayer when a disaster strikes, and our online community responds with compassion and joins us when we post our prayers to social media,” said Sean McConnell, Senior Director, Engagement, Episcopal Relief & Development. “This tool offers a new way for our friends around the world to join us in a community of common prayers.”
Content will come from The Book of Common Prayer, and other sources such as the organization’s Anglican partners, ecumenical friends, Seminary Ministry Partners, staff members, theologians and spiritual leaders.
Centering Prayer - Prayer as Relationship
"Be still and know that I am God."
Psalm 46:10

This simple wisdom saying is an invitation given to you by God. It is a call to set aside all activity, rest in silence, and come into an intimate relationship with the Beloved.  

Throughout the ages, most cultures and religions have practiced some form of prayer as a way of relating to God or spirit. In the modern Western world, we tend to think of prayer as thoughts or feelings expressed through words. Often these prayers become supplications to a God "out there"--a God that we perceive to be somewhere else. Although these prayers are those most commonly practiced, they are not the only expressions of prayer.

In Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, the word for prayer is shela. Shela can be interpreted to mean "to open oneself and listen to the Divine Presence." In this sense, prayer is not necessarily words being spoken; rather, it is closer to what, in the Christian tradition, is called contemplation. It is important for you to be open to a new understanding of prayer in the context of the contemplative Christian.

In the contemplative sense, prayer is not something you do, but is instead a relationship between you and the Divine Indwelling. To pray is to accept God's invitation to turn your mind and heart inward and open to the realization that you are not separate from God. God is always with you, whether you know it or not. This understanding of prayer as a relationship with God is a primary foundation of the practice of Centering Prayer. The more you practice silent prayer in the contemplative Christian tradition, the more you come to understand this new paradigm of prayer.

I invite you to spend ten minutes in silence. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and be still so God can use this time. It doesn't matter that odd thoughts will come to mind. When they do just let them go away. At the end of ten minutes, you are done.  

Closing prayer: Thank you, God, that you are right here with me as I wait. Amen. 

from Fr. Thomas Keating,"Centering Prayer"
Are you needing assistance? Through the generosity of our congregation, we are able to meet some basic needs for anyone facing critical hardship to purchase groceries, rent, electric, and medicine. When we offer such assistance, it is done in the form of a check or giftcard and bills are paid directly to vendors and landlords. If you are in need of assistance from the church, call the office and leave a message for Pastor Katlin. 808-935-5545
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