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Bishop's Easter Message
Bishop Robert Fitzpatrick shares his 2021 Easter message. In it, he connects our Baptismal life (as expressed in the Baptismal Covenant) with the joy expressed in a sermon, long attributed to St. John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople (died 407 CE), and now traced by some scholars to an even older tradition coming from Hippolytus of Rome (d. 235 CE). This sermon is read every year in Eastern Orthodox churches at the Midnight Easter Liturgy. The text of the sermon is shown below. 

Bishop Bob prays that the joy and courage of our Easter faith as expressed in the sermon, transforms each of us this Easter.
Volunteers needed:
Building and Grounds:
For anyone interested in joining the B/G committee contact Rick Witter at (808)421-8192 or This is not a request for physical labor but a committee to oversee the parish campus. Meetings will happen quarterly.

Welcome Committee:
Greeter/Usher on Sundays. Please contact Barbara Gallop at (808)785-8121 or at Your help is much appreciated.
Vaccinations are available now!
With the support of the Department of Health, Hawaii County is now open to vaccinating everyone 16 years and older! Please reach out to your family, friends and neighbors to help them sign up for the vaccine by going to: Pfizer is the only vaccine currently approved for children 16 years and older. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are approved for recipients 18 years and older.

For those who need a little more time and TLC, Hilo Medical Center’s Kupuna-Friendly clinic is open on weekdays from 8:00 am-4:00 pm at the Arc of Hilo at 1099 Waianuenue Avenue. This location allows us to dedicate one facility for the sole purpose of vaccinating folks with mobility needs while offering ample parking.
Office of Aging Newsletter available here: The Silver Bulletin
A Message from our Family Minister
Our next Sunday school will be held on:
Sunday, April 18 on Zoom at 10:30am. Email to join.
Young readers share the joyful Resurrection Easter stories.
Camp Mokuleia is excited to be expanding their Day Camp program this summer to include several locations on Oahu, one on Maui, one on the Big Island, and one on Kauai. These five Day Camps are for children finishing grades 1-5. All Day Camps are led by our highly trained Camp Mokule`ia staff and include games, arts & crafts, spiritual formation, and much more!

June 14th - 18 Day Camp #2 Church of the Holy Apostles $200. / $150 Early Bird
Happy Birthday!
O God, our times are in your hand: Look with favor, we pray, on your servants as they begin another year. Grant that they may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen their trust in your goodness all the days of their life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
April 3 - Jay Chow Sr.
& Kau'i Kaluhiwa
April 6 - Laurie Ziegler
April 7 - Ann Mans
April 9 - Keith Lincoln
April 10 - Francisco Mateo
April 21 - David Hryniuk
April 22 - Nainoa Kaluhiwa
April 30 - George Curtis
Centering Prayer - Prayer as Relationship
Contemplative Outreach of Hawaii: March Newsletter
For the last 13 years on Kauai, small groups of folks, as part of a larger world wide community called Contemplative Outreach, have practiced a method of meditation called Centering Prayer.  It is a form of prayer that goes beyond words and stems from the ancient monastic traditions.   
Now, in the time of Covid, almost all of these groups have expanded to a worldwide Zoom presence.  Gathering in this way feels so necessary right now and performs a stabilizing function connecting us in a wider community in spite of quarantines and isolation.  
All that is needed for this prayer is a willingness to show up and consent to open your heart to the Divine.   As Bill W. writes in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous:   “… for deep down in every man, woman, and child, is the fundamental idea of God.”    Any desire for Divine Mystery and the God of your understanding suffices.  We simply sit and listen to God’s first language “Silence” and let God do the healing.   As the late Fr. Thomas Keating, who brought this ancient practice back to life said:   “When you sit down in silence, you allow God to introduce himself as he is and not as other people have defined him.” 
Those who have been practicing this prayer for a while will tell you  that it is a discipline and that you don’t necessarily feel changes or differences while you are sitting, but gradually you will experience the gifts of this prayer in daily life and be able to be in it in a more centered, patient and loving way.    All you have to do is stick with it and say yes and show up and let the Divine do the changing and caring that we need, especially now.
For more information on Centering Prayer, 12 Step friendly Centering Prayer Groups and finding  a Zoom group go to  or
 For Kauai based groups contact Liedeke at
Contemplative Outreach of Hawaii is a chapter of Contemplative Outreach Ltd. which is a spiritual network of individuals and small faith communities committed to living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel. The common desire for Divine transformation, primarily expressed through a commitment to a daily Centering Prayer practice, unites our international, interdenominational community.
Book Review
"Discernment: Reading the Signs of Daily Life" by Henri Nouwen (with M. J. Christensen and R.J. Laird). HarperCollins, 2013.

Henri J.M. Nouwen (1932-1996) was a Catholic priest and author who taught at many universities before finally becoming a senior pastor of L'Arche Daybreak, a community in Canada where people with disabilities created a home for one another. I stumbled across him while searching for books that could help me understand Incarnation Theology (please ask Pastor Katlin to explain this if you don't know what this means). While I found many intriguing titles by him, I was drawn to reading "Discernment" because the preface spoke directly to what I was feeling during this pandemic:

"The premise of this book is that God is always speaking to us - individually and as people of God - at different times and in many ways: through dreams and visions, experience and reason, nature and events. And that discernment is the spiritual practice that accesses and seeks to understand what God is trying to say." (p. 8)

The part of this book that I liked the best was his chapter "Read the Book of Nature". Nouwen asserts that "nature . . . points to God and offers signs and wonders indicating God's presence and will." (p.96) This has become a greater reality since I moved here nine years ago, being surrounded every day by the beauties of this island. I found Nouwen's writings to be truly comforting and hopeful.

This book is available through the Hawaii State Library System and can be purchased on Amazon or Abebooks is an online source for used books from independent booksellers and I have had nothing but positive experiences with them.

Linda Watson, Librarian SFPL (retired)
Are you needing assistance? Through the generosity of our congregation, we are able to meet some basic needs for anyone facing critical hardship to purchase groceries, rent, electric, and medicine. When we offer such assistance, it is done in the form of a check or giftcard and bills are paid directly to vendors and landlords. If you are in need of assistance from the church, call the office and leave a message for Pastor Katlin. 808-935-5545
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