Please send photos of your departed loved ones for a video montage during the litany of the saints. Send photos to Doug Adams at no later than Wednesday, October 28th, in order to be included in the video. 
Mahalo to all involved for a great virtual meeting!
The entire livestream can be viewed on our YouTube channel and News website (coming soon). All videos shown during the meeting are also posted. Click HERE to watch.
Exciting news from our Senior Warden!
Aloha kakou!
On behalf of the Wardens and the Vestry of the Church of the Holy Apostles, I am pleased and grateful to report that your prayers for our discernment have come to an appropriate resolution. The Reverend Katlin E. McCallister has been elected the Rector of our parish and the Letter of Agreement that establishes the parameters of her new status has been signed by her and by me on behalf of the Vestry, and acknowledged by Bishop Fitzpatrick on this day, October 20, 2020. Information regarding Pastor Katlin's installation will be forthcoming, but will likely coincide with the Bishop's visit in March 2021. Congratulations to Pastor Katlin and to us, the parishioners of the Church of the Holy Apostles! We have a Rector!
Stewardship Campaign 2021
Stewardship Season 2021 kicked off with the mailing of a pledge packet. Did you receive your packet? If not, please call the office and request one. So far 15 people have turned in their pledges.

With God’s Help you are invited to take a moment to reflect on our individual and collective callings as members of the Body of Christ, and how we each are blessed by our Lord with gifts to seek and serve Christ in those around us.

You shall generously give to him and your heart shall not be grieved when you give to Him, because for this thing the Lord your God will bless you in all your work in all your undertakings. Deuteronomy 15:10
Thank you to Dora Kraul, Deb Lewis and Laurie Zieglar for sharing their stories of stewardship and thanksgiving!
All Saints Day- Sunday, 11/1/2020
We will officiate a service of Holy Eucharist at 9:00 am in-person and online. You have our full support to worship from home if you do not feel comfortable coming in person.  We will continue to share the bulletin online also. If you do come in person, please be prepared to keep your distance and wear your mask for the duration of your time at church, sign a contact tracing list, and participate less verbally than usual (i.e. no congregational singing or reading). Sunday School will be hosted online at 10:30 am by ZOOM.

The following precautions are highlights, but not comprehensive of the measures taken to maintain as safe an environment as possible for Holy Communion:
-       No physical passing of the peace or plates, etc.
-       No distribution of wine or passing of the chalice.
-       Only the celebrant priest will handle the vessels and elements for Communion with sanitized hands and a mask. Gifts will not be brought forward for presentation, but will be present at the altar already for the celebrant. 
-       Ushers will be trained to direct the congregation one pew at a time to receive Holy Communion in one kind (bread wafer), one person at a time in the center aisle. The receiver should sanitize their hands as provided, outstretch their arms from the space marked for the priest to drop the wafer into the hand. Once received, the communicant should return to their seat, remove mask, consume the sacrament, and then replace mask.  
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Pastor Katlin.
Next online Sunday School for families will be happening on November 1st. If interested, please email OR click on this link to join:
Centering Prayer
Contemplative Outreach of Hawaiʻi; October Newsletter
Come and join our Holy Apostles small group of centering prayer followers on Mondays starting at 3:30 pm online Zoom meetings. Drop in 15 minutes ahead of time for a brief introductory period. Questions? Contact

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 223 091 057
Are you needing assistance?
Through the generosity of our congregation, we are able to meet some basic needs for anyone facing critical hardship to purchase groceries, rent, electric, and medicine. When we offer such assistance, it is done in the form of a check or giftcard and bills are paid directly to vendors and landlords. If you are in need of assistance from the church, call the office and leave a message for Pastor Katlin. 808-935-5545
SCAM ALERT!! Please be aware that scammers posing as Bishop Bob or Pastor Katlin have been emailing random congregation members asking for favors. Please DO NOT respond or click on any links. If in question, please call the office at (808) 935-5545. Here is a reference link to the most current scams out there: