In this week's Monday message, Bishop Robert Fitzpatrick shares a prayer from the 1662 BCP for "Restoring Publick Peace at Home" during these unsettling times.
LATEST BIBLE STUDY: January 20. 2021 -The Bishop restarts his Wednesday Bible Study with a special Inauguration Day Reflection on Romans 13:1-7.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Diana Akiyama was consecrated as the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Oregon, on Saturday, January 30, 2021 at 2:00 pm at Trinity Cathedral in Portland. Bishop Akiyama is the first Asian-American woman to be consecrated as bishop in The Episcopal Church. Sermon by the Rt. Rev'd Brian N. Prior, the Ninth Bishop of the Diocese of Minnesota.
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Message from the Rector

We had a meaningful and love-filled Annual Meeting this past Sunday! If you missed it, you can see it in its entirety on our facebook page and website. The packet of reports and information also remain available for download from our website.

Meet our newly elected and appointed leaders:

Senior Warden: B.J. Long

Junior Warden: Rick Witter

Vestry 2024: Charlie Hite, Dora Kraul, Diana Kahler

Vestry 2023: Lisa Lyon

Delegates: Doug Howell, Dora Kraul, Lisa Lyon, Cathy McPherson-Tampos, Evette Tampos, and B.J. Long (Alternate

Ed Reiners will be appointed Treasurer for another term by the Vestry at our February meeting along with Cathy McPherson Tampos as our Vestry Secretary.

Thanks be to God! Christ’s peace be with you. 
Pastor Katlin
**It is a huge file so please be patient.
Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows
Bishop Fitzpatrick is coming to visit with us on March 7th. For those wishing to be Reaffirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church by the Bishop during his visit, required classes will be held Thursdays, February 18, 25, and March 4 via Zoom 6-7 pm. Please RSVP to Pastor Katlin by Feb. 17, if you are interested. 
St. James, Waimea is having a guest priest, the Rev . Mary Haddad, an affiliate to St. James', host a series for Reaffirmation. She will teach and facilitate from her home in Paris, France. Fr. David Stout says she is an incredibly gifted teacher and anyone from our church is welcome to attend as able. 

Wednesdays, February 3,10, 17 
with St. James via Zoom 6-7pm. 
CLICK HERE to join the ZOOM MEETING (passcode is "faith") or to join by telephone call +1 669 900 6833. The Meeting ID is 872 5274 9062 and the passcode is 802933.

  1. The Church (Being the Body of Christ: Our history, our and mission and ministry) Why The Church?  What do you think of when you hear the word ‘church’? Probably a building before you think of people. Come participate in a discussion on how the followers of Jesus in the first century became a community and a church that we are part of two thousand years later. 
  2. Prayer & Worship (Holy Eucharist, private prayer, the rhythm of the church year, etc.)
  3. Faith in Action (The Christian Life)
A Message from our Family Minister
What Does our Lord Require of Us – Just These Three Things
Do Justice:
Do you speak up if you see an injustice? It could mean carrying picket signs, writing letters of concern, and protesting but not always.  It could be defending a friend in school, a brother or sister, or a coworker.  It can easily mean treating all your friends, family members and neighbors in a just way.
Love Kindness:
A snippy or rude person or someone acting out in a bad way does not give you permission to be snippy or rude in return. Be kind. Lots of times people could simply be having a bad day. Let someone go in front of you in line, at a store or restaurant.
Open the door for someone. Smile often.
Walk Humbly With God:
Have you ever walked or hiked with God? If we lose our connection and awareness of God’s presence, it’s easy to get restless.  Try going outdoors and feel the freedom of just walking with God. You might find it even more powerful to visualize walking with God on a crowded beach, in school or at the farmer’s market.
Humility is a big ought to. Jesus was the master of humility. “The first will be last and the last will be first,” he said. So many times he rebuked the people in power who tried to impress with their loud prayers and superior attitudes. What the Lord requires of us, is to do these three things: do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God. When a situation comes up that is unjust or unkind, instead of reacting, pause and ask yourself, “Is this an opportunity where I can express an injustice that is happening, and express myself with kindness?” The next time you make a mistake, can you forgive yourself and be kind? Being kind with your own self-talk counts in a big way. Remember that God is always walking beside you. When you put into practice these three things, you will live a life guided by God. You will experience joy, peace and make the world a better place.
Our next Sunday school will be held on:
Sunday, February 7th and February 28th on Zoom at 10:30am. Email to join.
For Spiritual Enrichment, consider this...
Review shared by Linda Watson, retired Librarian (SFPL)
"Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others" by Barbara Brown Taylor (Harper, 2019). Barbara Brown Taylor is an Episcopal priest, an emerita Professor of Religion and a bestselling author of many books. Some of her sermons can be found by searching the Internet. I first heard her name during one of Father David's homilies and decided to explore her writings. "Holy Envy" recounts her years as a college professor teaching a course on world religions. She talks about how sharing the differences and similarities of other world faiths helped her and many of her students solidify their own faith. The stories told here are sometimes humorous yet compassionate. This book clears up many of the misunderstandings that people have about religions outside of Christianity. Anyone seeking a basic knowledge about how different faiths can unite us rather than divide us will not be disappointed. I highly recommend this book because it filled me with hope on how we can live more tolerant and Godly lives.  
If you qualify for any of the below groups, please fill out the appropriate form. You must bring your identification and insurance card to your appointment. For essential workers a work ID/work paystub will also be required.
Upon completion of the below forms, your information will be submitted to the CDC. You will receive an email from the CDC within two business days to register for the VAMS website.
After creating your VAMS account, you can schedule an appointment at any available vaccine distribution site. The VAMS user manual can be found by clicking here.
Each recipient MUST have an individual email address to sign up, you cannot have the same email address as any other vaccine recipient, it must be unique to you.
Happy Birthday!!
February 2- Elizabeth Truesdell and Rosemarie Walker
February 13- Melanie Oldfather and Kathy Penny
February 14- Doug Adams
February 18 - Charles Mans
February 19- Dora Kraul
February 21- Ryan Chilson
February 23- Malcolm Kennedy
February 29- Mary Gaddis
Please find attached the latest edition of the Silver Bulletin Newsletter. We hope that you find this information useful. If you have any questions regarding this issue or any questions regarding the Hawaii County Office of Aging, please contact us at (808) 961-8600.
Centering Prayer - Prayer as Relationship
Contemplative Outreach of Hawaii: January Newsletter
"Be still and know that I am God."
Psalm 46:10

This simple wisdom saying is an invitation given to you by God. It is a call to set aside all activity, rest in silence, and come into an intimate relationship with the Beloved.  

Throughout the ages, most cultures and religions have practiced some form of prayer as a way of relating to God or spirit. In the modern Western world, we tend to think of prayer as thoughts or feelings expressed through words. Often these prayers become supplications to a God "out there"--a God that we perceive to be somewhere else. Although these prayers are those most commonly practiced, they are not the only expressions of prayer.

In Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, the word for prayer is shela. Shela can be interpreted to mean "to open oneself and listen to the Divine Presence." In this sense, prayer is not necessarily words being spoken; rather, it is closer to what, in the Christian tradition, is called contemplation. It is important for you to be open to a new understanding of prayer in the context of the contemplative Christian.

In the contemplative sense, prayer is not something you do, but is instead a relationship between you and the Divine Indwelling. To pray is to accept God's invitation to turn your mind and heart inward and open to the realization that you are not separate from God. God is always with you, whether you know it or not. This understanding of prayer as a relationship with God is a primary foundation of the practice of Centering Prayer. The more you practice silent prayer in the contemplative Christian tradition, the more you come to understand this new paradigm of prayer.

I invite you to spend ten minutes in silence. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and be still so God can use this time. It doesn't matter that odd thoughts will come to mind. When they do just let them go away. At the end of ten minutes, you are done.  

Closing prayer: Thank you, God, that you are right here with me as I wait. Amen. 

from Fr. Thomas Keating,"Centering Prayer"
“Conversation with others across difference is not just a nice thing to do. It is a spiritual practice of love in action.” 
- Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
Are you needing assistance? Through the generosity of our congregation, we are able to meet some basic needs for anyone facing critical hardship to purchase groceries, rent, electric, and medicine. When we offer such assistance, it is done in the form of a check or giftcard and bills are paid directly to vendors and landlords. If you are in need of assistance from the church, call the office and leave a message for Pastor Katlin. 808-935-5545
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