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West Virginia Ranked #1 Fastest Growing Economy
GDP growth: 6.84 percent
Personal income increase: 2.75 percent
Unemployment rate decrease: 1.3 percentage point

If you're planning to relocate, for your career or any other reason, a state's economy can be a big deciding factor in where you choose to live. To figure out which states grew the most in the past year, GOBankingRates looked at the unemployment rate, personal income growth and economic growth for each state, as a percentage change. After giving each state a score for its performance in each category, the scores were added up to determine the states that improved the most in 2017. The top 25 are listed here.
Moving to a state with a strong economy can  make a big difference in your quality of life

West Virginia takes the top spot in the overall rankings and in two of the three categories: GDP growth and unemployment rate decrease. The state's moderate income growth is at No. 17. West Virginia ranks as No. 1 most improving because it had so much ground to make up. Its unemployment rate in March 2016 was 6.2 percent, one of the highest in the country. A year later the unemployment rate was 4.9 percent — still higher than 37 other states, but the most improved.
The global infrastructure boom means that the demand for metallurgical coal, which is used in steelmaking, has grown substantially. Natural gas prices are increasing as well, helping West Virginia make the top of this list.

Ohio Ranked 24th
GDP growth: 5.11 percent
Personal income increase: 2.67 percent
Unemployment rate increase: 0.1 percentage point
Ohio's economy appears to be thriving. Its 5.11 percent increase in GDP ranks the 12th largest among the states. Ohio's personal income growth of 2.67 percent ranks 20th, but it ranks near the bottom of the list for unemployment rate, which actually increased by 0.1 percentage points. Ohio's growth is largely fueled by the improving outlook for the manufacturing industry, which makes up a large part of Ohio's economy, the Dayton Daily News reported.
Construction Market Growth Expected Through 2018
With 2016 in the rearview mirror, construction professionals are turning their attention to the year ahead. While construction spending failed to meet analyst expectations last year,  economists predict 5% growth in the value of starts in 2017, according to Dodge Data & Analytics. 
Despite that positive forecast, a feeling of uncertainty continues to loom over the industry. We spoke with experts from various sectors of the construction sector to find out their predictions for 2017. While questions regarding what the incoming Trump administration means for construction dominated the conversation, they also described the new technologies, project delivery methods and workforce management trends they expect to shape the industry this year. 

" Design-build, public-private partnerships and integrated project delivery are three of the most often-cited methods that are altering the industry and are likely to gain ground in 2017."
The  design-build process consolidates the design and construction phases into one contract, while the less common  IPD arrangement involves the owner, architect, contractor and other project stakeholders entering into a single contract in which they collectively determine project goals, costs, risk-sharing and compensation.
"Design-build is taking hold," said Michael Vardaro, managing partner at  Zetlin & De Chiara. "It allows more collaboration and gets you to the completed product much faster."

For the last several years, Utahns who work in the trades—like manufacturing and construction—have been discussing an industry-wide concern that millennials aren’t interested in the careers they have to offer. Because of this, several Utah organizations have beefed up their apprenticeship programs and created other initiatives specifically to entice high school students and young adults to consider careers in the trades.
Hands-on training
About seven years ago, the Utah Mechanical Contractors Association (UMCA) built a more than $6 million, 30,000-square-foot training center in Salt Lake City called the Utah Career Center, which now serves as a hub for apprenticeships in the plumbing, pipefitting, welding and HVAC service trades.
The program, which is jointly administered by UA Local 140 and UMCA, was designed to feel much like a technical college experience for students, says Robert Bergman, executive vice president of the UMCA.
“It’s not like your grandfather’s apprenticeship program,” he says. “Over the years, the high school counselors have tended to look at apprenticeship and training programs as a last resort, but in our case, we provide four distinct options that pay really well, have great benefits and provide a great retirement. The state requires four years of an apprenticeship to become licensed, but we require five years.”
Currently, the Utah Career Center has a little over 300 students training in the four trade programs. “Our growth has been steady,” Bergman says. “Historically, our average is around 200 to 250 students, so we have definitely experienced a growth. We’re making some headway in growing the construction market for our companies. Our facility has plenty of capacity to continue to grow. We’ve currently got 38 companies that participate in this program.”
Students who attend the Utah Career Center must be employed by one of the 38 participating companies. First-year apprentices make an average of $37,000 a year, says Will Nickell, director of training at the Utah Career Center. “Most students when they’re done have no student debt. Every year they get a 10 percent increase. By the time they’re done with the five years of training, they will be making about $68,000 plus benefits, which pushes it up to $85,000.”Read More...
Stephen B. Ogle & Associates Safety Consultants will be conducting the class listed below for Project BEST contributors in WHEELING at the OVCEC Safety Training Room located at 21 Armory Drive in Wheeling, WV.
OSHA 30 Hour
December 12

Contact Project BEST at: (304) 214-9800 or 
F ollowing OSHA Regulation Is Not Just A “Good Idea”, IT IS THE LAW!!
The maximum fine for being out of compliance on a single first-time infraction is $12,471. Project BEST has entered into a partnership with Stephen B Ogle and Associates to provide a free service to Project BEST members – “Mock” OSHA job site inspections. This service would include:

-      Opening and Closing conference just as OSHA would do
-      Site specific paperwork and policy audit
-      Detailed item by item inspection report identifying compliance deficiencies.
Participation in this program will also ensure representation from SBO in an OSHA informal conference should OSHA happen to write citations on your company.

To take advantage of this consulting opportunity please contact:
-      Project Best
-      Phone: 304-214-9800

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