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Keeping your Health and Wellness

Top of Mind as We Head into Spring Break

During this middle point of the semester, students and instructors can feel worn down by academic and personal pressures. Here are a few health and wellness reminders recently shared in a CELT Teaching Talk from Associate Professor Christina Campbell, RDN in Food Science and Human Nutrition and Gretchen Feldpausch, RDN, a doctoral candidate co-majoring in Nutritional Sciences and Sustainable Agriculture:*

  1. Proper sleep (7-9 hours per night) is important for memory and mental clarity. Recalling course content soon before bedtime can help boost memory formation.
  2. Encourage a well-balanced diet to support cognition and overall mental wellness. Consider snacks like nuts, cheese sticks, fresh fruit, or trail mix!
  3. Incorporate movement into class time to support focus, mood, and self-discipline. For example, provide stretch breaks, allow students to stand during individual work time, or embed movement into a learning activity. Instead of having students raise hands for the correct answer; try “stand if you think the answer is A” or “form a line based on where you stand on a topic”.
  4. Discuss the benefits of “diffuse mode” instead of intense, continued focus. If a student is struggling with a concept, encourage them to step away and do non-cognitive tasks, such as taking a walk or cooking dinner. This will allow the brain to work in a more relaxed setting, often leading to learning and idea breakthroughs!
  5. Remind students of the resources offered through Student Wellness, including the SHOP Food Pantry or Wellbeing Coaching.

Christina & Gretchen have also made available their PowerPoint from their recent CELT event, Back to Basics: Tips To Provide a Student-Centric Environment.

With a joy for teaching,

Sara Marcketti, Assistant Provost and Executive Director

*Feldpausch, G. & Campbell, C. (2022, Winter). Enhancing dietetic pedagogy: 5 strategies to support student success. Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors – Line, pp. 4-9.

Don't Forget!!

Midterm grade submissions are due by Friday, March 10 at 2:15 p.m.

CELT's guide to quizzes and exams provides information on assessment types, available tools and resources, and best practices surrounding the use of remote proctoring options. Then, review the key concepts for grading in Canvas before using ISU AdminTools to submit grades.


If you have questions about the grade submission process or incur problems, email [email protected] to create a ServiceNow ticket, and one of our team members will work to assist you.

Immediate Access

Iowa State University Bookstore Moves

to Digital First Textbook Model

Iowa State University is committed to accessibility and affordability for all students. For this reason, the Iowa State University Book Store, with support from the Provost Office, Student Leadership, and the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), has instituted a Digital First Textbook Model. This means all course materials with an appropriate digital match will be converted to Immediate Access and delivered digitally through Canvas, which directly contributes to the University Strategic Plan initiative of affordable course materials. Faculty may request print format in lieu of digital at the time of adoption.

Call for Proposals

Affordable Course Materials Jumpstart Initiative

Iowa State University is investing in several Jumpstart Initiatives that are aligned with the 2022-2031 ISU Strategic Plan. The first of two Call for Proposals (CFP) for Affordable Course Materials Jumpstart projects is open and focused on infrastructure. The second CFP will focus on projects related to content. The overarching goal for both grant categories is to enhance the affordability of course materials at Iowa State. Both grant categories support projects related to affordable course material initiatives and platforms that include Open Educational Resources (OER), Immediate Access (IA) course materials, and library-licensed materials, such as those leveraged through Course Reserves.  


The first round of funding will support the development of sustainable infrastructure that impacts the visibility, transparency, implementation, and long-term use of low-cost and no-cost course materials at Iowa State.  


Total allocation for Infrastructure projects

  • $75,000

Timeline for Infrastructure projects

  • Proposals due: March 31, 2023  
  • Funding decisions announced: April 28, 2023 
  • Grant period: July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2025


See the entire Affordable Course Materials Jumpstart Initiative Proposal for review criteria and guidelines for submission.

CELT Develops Media Classroom Request Form and Usage Policy

In preparation for the upcoming semesters, our media production team has developed a media classroom request form and defined a usage policy for classrooms managed by CELT. Currently, we have classrooms in both Howe and Curtiss Hall that can record classes and host virtual meetings. Priority for use is given to online/hybrid courses, but there is potential to host a small number of face-to-face-only courses as well.

By using the CELT Media Classroom Request form, requests can be made for single courses or by uploading a file with all the courses that would like to use a room. This creates a ticket in our system, and our team will begin placing courses in the appropriate classrooms.

Please begin submitting your requests for Summer Term 2023 courses now. Start submitting your Fall Term 2023 requests on April 1st.

Access the full CELT Media Classroom Usage Policy for more details. If you have any questions, contact [email protected].

Preparing Future Faculty Program (PFF)

Moves to Graduate College Beginning Fall 2023

Beginning in Fall 2023, the Preparing Future Faculty Program (PFF) will be administered through the Graduate College. This move aligns with the strategic priority for the Graduate College to holistically support the professional development of graduate students and postdocs, and its administration of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning, a multi-institutional program. PFF has been a cherished program within CELT and a jewel in the cap for our unit.

Any questions about the transition can be sent to [email protected].

Preventing Cheating with AI:

Strategies for Dealing with ChatGPT Misuse

Presenting our third talk in the ChatGPT Teaching Talk Series, Dr. Christine Denison, Associate Professor with the Ivy College of Business, discusses today’s technological landscape, where students have access to powerful AI tools like ChatGPT, which can make cheating easier than ever.

She will address the issue of students using AI to gain an unfair advantage and some strategies for preventing this behavior, including alternatives to assignments that are vulnerable to ChatGPT-aided cheating. She will also explore techniques for detecting ChatGPT-aided cheating and discuss how to deal with problems as they arise.

ChatGPT Teaching Talk Series

Preventing Cheating with AI:

Strategies for Dealing with ChatGPT Misuse

Dr. Christine Denison

March 9, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m., Virtual via Zoom

Register Here

Additional Upcoming Programming


Navigating Difficult Discussions in the Classroom

Dr. Laura Bestler

March 8, 3:10 p.m. – 4 p.m., Virtual via Zoom

Register Here

Webinar Series

Session 2: Writing or Revising Your Teaching Philosophy Statement

Karen Menzel, Program Specialist

March 24, 12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m., Virtual via Zoom

Register Here

A full list of upcoming events can be found on our events page.

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