“My number one priority is to be around people I enjoy.” – Yosh Arima

At 91 years old, Yosh Arima, former high school teacher/coach and JANM docent, has lived a full life of teaching, traveling, playing sports, and surrounding himself with people he enjoys. Read more about the amazing life of our Keiro Superstar and the tips he shared for living a happy and healthy life.

View this message from our guest speaker, Alan Sugano, as he shares what is in store for our Keiro Speaker Series: Cybersecurity!

Join us on Wednesday, July 21st at 7 p.m. PDT. Registration closes Tuesday, July 20.
Registration is now open! For those age 60+, register to pick up a complimentary bento and gift bag at designated locations throughout Southern California or receive a mailed gift package (while supplies last). Register at keiro.org/knh.

The online video premiere of the festival will be available to the public at keiro.org and JACCC.org. No registration is required.

During this year’s Keiro no Hi Festival, we will once again host the Keiro no Hi Fine Arts Showcase! This year’s theme is “Oiwai – Celebration.” To learn more about this year’s Art Showcase, please visit keiro.org/arts-showcase.
"Pathways" Virtual Keiro Forum Series
presented by Alzheimer's Los Angeles

Join us every Tuesday for the month of August to learn more about practical tips on various topics related to Alzheimer’s! Visit keiro.org/virtual for more information on each presentation.
It’s never too late to join our Virtual Keiro Forums! We hope that you will learn something new, socialize, and connect with us and the community online! 

Dr. Glen Komatsu is a nationally renowned physician and innovator within the palliative care field and one of the leaders who helped establish Iyashi Care. He shared about the importance of a cultural focus with Iyashi Care and the benefits it can have on a patient’s life.

Visions started as a group of Sansei young professionals who came together in the late 1980s to provide various activities to the residents of Keiro’s former facilities and raise awareness among the younger generation. Keiro interviewed Gary Kawaguchi and Judy Asazawa, core members of Visions, about the group’s history and impact on the community.

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