For the second episode of our Teach Me Series, Sadao Dairiki, or Dai, a 95-year-old resident at Nikkei Senior Gardens, shared his passion for Lego-building and 3-D modeling with us! Watch him build a Lego helicopter and share more about his love for the hobby. Enjoy!

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At this year’s Keiro no Hi Festival, we will once again host a Keiro no Hi Fine Arts Showcase! This year’s theme is “Oiwai – Celebration.” Keiro interviewed past participants to hear about their experience with last year’s showcase and their passion for creating art!
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“Through my work at Keiro, I was able to learn about Japanese American history which I did not learn growing up in Japan. I am very grateful for those who worked so hard to build the community we have now.” – Kanako

Kanako Fukuyama began her career with Keiro right out of college as the activity coordinator at Keiro’s Adult Day Center, and 18 years later, she currently works as a social worker on the Iyashi Care team. Kanako recently revisited her tenure with Keiro, sharing insights from her growth and the programs that she helped shape.

Cerritos Baptist Church expanded their fellowship and gathering program to address their senior members’ social needs, with the help of Keiro’s Grants Program in 2019. This popular social group introduced a variety of activities to keep their members engaged with each other and created a unique way of connecting during the pandemic.

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