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KCAD: Meet the Members!
KCAD Board Vice President: Laci Mueller

 Laci has lived in Keith County for more than 15 years and is the Operations Manager at Western Insurors. She has loved living in Keith County as she grew up in a small community and knew that when she and her husband had children, she wanted them to have the same small town family feel. Laci also likes the opportunities for growth and success that Keith County has to offer her family.

Hobbies include:
My hobbies include watching my kids’ many activities and spending my summers at the lake. I also enjoy helping with our family farm and spending time with family and friends.

Why do you enjoy being a member of KCAD?
I enjoy being on the KCAD Board because I like having a hand in helping to spur economic development in Keith County. I feel like we have so much potential living on the I-80 corridor and having Lake McConaughy in our backyard. I want to be a part of growing Keith County to its fullest potential.

What is one thing you have learned about economic development through serving on the KCAD Board?
Since being elected onto the KCAD Board I have learned a lot about economic development. The one thing that has been eye opening to me is how important economic development is to Keith County. Economic development is crucial to Ogallala’s downtown revitalization, growth of the lake businesses and business opportunities for the smaller communities in Keith County like Paxton and Brule. 

What is one thing you would like to see KCAD accomplish during your board tenure?
One of the things that I would like to see during my board tenure is the revitalization of our downtown here in Ogallala. I find it sad to see so many vacant store fronts when you drive down Spruce Street. I would like to see KCAD have the ability to take on a bigger role in assisting entrepreneurs who are trying to take a different approach to our downtown and make it something different than it has ever been.

Laci, thank you for your service to the KCAD Board!
We greatly appreciate you!
Keith County Intensive Business Development Project. NBDC will be providing management and technical assistance to local small businesses through intensive business visits September 23-27. Call KCAD at 308-284-6623 or click here for more information .

Apply to be a part of this project using this link: APPLICATION: Intensive Business Development Project
Rural America Faces a Crisis in 'Adequate Housing'

Recently, Kirk Siegler, a journalist from NPR, toured Keith County. In his time here, Siegler was able to see much of what our community has to offer, and in this case, not offer. Kirk spoke with many local residents and their feedback confirmed his assumptions, there is a crisis facing rural communities like ours, a shortage of adequate housing.
Read the full story here .
Keith County Area Development wants to see area businesses succeed and has developed the Revolving Loan Fund in order to better serve our local business community.

If you are a new or expanding business, call KCAD to learn more about gap financing assistance we can provide for renovations, start-up cost, and expansions, and more!
Current Developments
The Ogallala North Business Park features a development underway.

The City will soon see new housing units available through the development of two quad-plex units located on the southeast corner of the NBP.

By supporting this project, Ogallala and Keith County hope to address some of the housing issues laid out in the 2017 Housing Study.

Contact KCAD for more information regarding available lots or acreages!