Lighting the way for children to grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

Issue 02 June 2016

Our story continues with the joyful birth of Kellie Rynn's brother, Finley Reid Michael Martin, born on April 28th, 2016.  Finley and Kellie Rynn's mother, Kathryn, writes below about her joy in having a son who is a gift from Kellie Rynn.  

Kellie Rynn's loved ones have made it their mission to impact childcare in South Carolina, and the mission of Kellie Rynn Academy is to  provide the highest quality education and childcare services to children of diverse ethnic, socioeconomic and family backgrounds while providing them with a safe, nurturing home away from home.  

In this issue you will learn ways to support Kellie Rynn Academy and help make an impact to the lives of children and their parents.  


On February 21, 2014 my life changed forever. My sweet, perfect, smiling daughter, Kellie Rynn passed away in her child care center. Due to someone else's decisions and neglect, Kellie Rynn is gone from this Earth. The love of my life was gone My life shattered. I became a statistic. One in four people lose a child. I was thrown into a life I never wanted. Over the last two years, my life was consumed in darkness. I searched for her, thinking that maybe, just maybe, she wasn't gone. Maybe she was still here, just living somewhere else. I struggled with reality and the life I lived. Even through tremendous support from my family and loving husband, I was still missing Kellie Rynn.

On April 28, 2016, my life changed again. Kellie Rynn's little brother and our son was born. Finley Reid Michael Martin (named for both grandfathers since Kellie Rynn is named for her grandmothers). He was a beautiful 8 lbs, 1oz and 20.25 inches long. The moment I saw him, I knew there could be true love again. He is a gift from Kellie Rynn. He shares her features and mannerisms. While I was pregnant, I couldn't imagine loving another child. How do you do that? My life was so consumed with Kellie Rynn; how can another child join our family? On April 28th, my heart doubled in size! Half of it is  scared and broken, and the other half is brand new, just for Finley. Mothering an angel is a different type of parenting. I still teach her right from wrong but Finley made me a physical mother again. I have realized how blessed we truly are. We have an angel always with us and a beautiful son to carry on her legacy with us. I never thought I'd ever say I am blessed. In no way does Finley take Kellie Rynn's place. They are two different people. I will struggle everyday, I miss Kellie Rynn every minute. She is my first child, my daughter, but now I can now say, I'm a bereaved parent, and a blessed parent.

Kathryn Martin, Kellie Rynn's Mother

Safety Tips for All Parents and Caregivers
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Kellie Rynn Academy Board of Directors:

  • Kitzi Craig, Chairman of the Board
  • Jana Crain, Secretary
  • Mike Nocito, Treasurer
  • Malinda McCrary, Fundraising Chairman
  • Chery O'Malley, Director
  • Cindy Weathers, Director
  • Father Patrick Tuttle, Director
  • Katie Yoder, Director
  • Kellie Martin, Director
  • Mike Craig, Director
  • Mike Farry, Director
  • Ralph Aiken, Director
  • Ashley Martin, Kellie Rynn's father
  • Kathryn Martin, Kellie Rynn's mother
  Kellie Rynn Academy
Early Learning Center
West Greenville, Greenville, SC 29611
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