Conservatory of the Ozarks receives $5,000 Grant from the Guitar Center Music Foundation in partnership with The Kelly Clarkson Show
The future of music education is bright thanks to dedicated teachers like Heather Leverich, whose dream of teaching music to young students came to fruition through her music education facility, the Conservatory of the Ozarks.

As a young girl, Heather dreamed of being a music teacher, and in 2008 she achieved that dream when she opened the Conservatory of the Ozarks. Her Conservatory created a place for young students in Springfield, Missouri to receive quality music lessons, as well as drama and acting courses.

"I loved seeing my students use the arts to help their community," said Leverich, "but then COVID happened and we had a dramatic and sudden decrease in enrollment and I realized we were going to have to close."

The hardships of 2020 challenged so many of us, but communities all over the world came together to help each other stay afloat. When we at the Guitar Center Music Foundation heard Heather's story, we were beyond excited to step in and help.
The Kelly Clarkson Show:
Small Business Owner Moved To Tears
After Stranger's Surprise Donation
Two strangers named John and Dawna heard Heather's situation and donated $15,000 to keep the Conservatory's doors open.

The Kelly Clarkson Show heard the news of the couple's donation and invited Heather, John, and Dawna on the show to share their story.

Kelly's show reached out to us after hearing Heather's story, and we were thrilled to donate an additional $5,000 to help her school, making sure that the next generation of musicians is supported and cared for.

We are so grateful for the Guitar Center Foundation's donation which will give us a chance at survival in the post-covid world. Thank you for keeping the music alive, even through the challenges of an unprecedented worldwide pandemic," said Leverich.

All of this is possible thanks to YOU and your donations to the Guitar Center Music Foundation. We have so many great grants in the works, and we are so grateful to get to help these schools thanks to the amazing contributions you've made to our Foundation.

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