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Summer Update                              June 2017
Governor Hickenlooper signs HB 1220 limiting plant grows into law

One of Kempe's top priorities during the 2017 legislative session included closing loopholes in Colorado's medical marijuana laws that led to illegal diversion of marijuana out of state, dangerous marijuana home grows, and growing challenges in the ability of law enforcement to respond to these concerns. The Kempe Foundation joined a coalition led by the Governor's Office and including law enforcement agencies, the public health community, and other county and city agencies to introduce two pieces of legislation designed to close these loopholes. 

HB 1220 capped the number of marijuana plants allowed to be grown in a residential home at 12 unless a caregiver registers with their local and state government. The bill also put in place criminal consequences for growing more plants than the cap allows.

HB 1221 created a grant program for law enforcement agencies in communities with fewer than 200,000 residents to be used for marijuana enforcement.

Kempe's John Faught joined Governor Hickenlooper at the bill signing for HB 1220 and HB 1221 on Thursday, June 8. Kempe applauds legislators for taking these important steps towards closing loopholes that have allowed the dangerous marijuana gray market to flourish in Colorado.

Kempe's John Faught and legislative team member Jeannie Vananderburg join Gov. Hickenlooper, Sen. Bob Gardner and Rep. Exum for the signing of SB 028.
Priority: Healthy Families and Military Preparedness

In partnership with the Department of Defense, Kempe brought forth legislation authorizing state and county departments of human services to enter into agreements with military installations for the purpose of better serving children and families within the military and child welfare system. The bill also requires county departments of human services to share information with Department of Defense military installations regarding reports of known or suspected instances of child abuse and neglect that reach the assessment level of review, and involve members of the Armed Forces. Kempe's John Faught testified alongside Martin Dempsey from the Department of Defense in support of the bill. 

SB 028 passed with near unanimous support, John joined the Governor as he signed bill into law on June 5th at the Colorado State Capitol.

Priority: Research and Education on the Effects of Marijuana

This session, Kempe also supported bills related to research and education on marijuana. SB 025 creates a marijuana resource bank for public schools, and SB 193 creates a Research Center for Substance Abuse and Addiction Prevention Strategies and Treatment at the CU Health Science Center. Both bills passed and were signed by the Governor. 

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