July 31, 2019
The Empty Jar   

 Imagine an empty jar.  Just clear glass, nothing fancy.
Now imagine the outside is covered in labels.  Each label is one you identify with: parent, child, musician, metaphysician, board member, congregant.   
Imagine that inside the jar are many, many slips of paper.  On each slip is a message we tell ourselves.  Maybe it is a message we've heard others say to us so often, we now say it to ourselves.   Maybe it is an affirmation we look to for comfort and inspiration.   
Quietly examine the jar.   Read the labels and messages .  Don't try to compare your jar to any other jar.  This is the you you have created.  From an empty vessel, you have shaped the person this jar represents.  If there are ideas and messages we don't like, it would be wonderful to just empty the jar and start over.  It would be more fun to put a sparkly cape around the jar and make the labels that make us uncomfortable disappear.  Life doesn't seem to work that way.    
Calendar for this week
TODAY:  Wednesday 07/31

Thursday 08/01
7:00pm:  Choir Practice
Friday 08/02
Office Closed

Sat 08/03

Sun 08/04
10am :  Rev Joy "Three Times a Lover "
Guest musician: Kennedy Spencer 
11: 30am:  Kennedy shares walking the Camino de Santiago   

5:30pm: CoDA Step Study*
7:00pm: CoDA*
Mon 08/05
Office Closed

Tuesday 08/06
6:00pm: Refuge Recovery (a Buddhist inspired path to recovery from addiction)*

* indicates non-Unity event
Check out Community Events at the bottom of the page

Click to listen to Rev Joy from  7/28/19,   Three Times a Lover (Love Your Neighbor)

Visit our website:  

Kennedy Spencer
shares her journey 
 Join us THIS Sunday, August 4th   
immediately following service as Kennedy Spencer shares thoughts and pictures from her adventure walking the Camino de Santiago.  780 kilometers or nearly 500 miles creates a lot of memories and reflections.   
Kennedy will be the featured musician on Sunday! 
August in YFM
Right Action
Continuing our Eightfold Path lessons, our theme in August is Right Action. 
Our affirmation is: I am kind in all I do.

There will be no YFM on
Aug 18th. 

Join us August 25th for our annual Back To School Blessing
If you have questions about our program or ideas for activities, please contact

From the UP Meeting:
Survey Says

One of the projects discussed at the July UP meeting was the "Topic Survey" done in June.

There were 22 responses turned in.
The book Dare to Lead  by BrenĂ© Brown had the most interest and this book will be the basis of our Fall Faith series, beginning in October.  There will be an accompanying Wed evening opportunity to go deeper with the book material. 
Another favorite topic was the workshop, " Every Dragon Has Its Magic"   You'll see this as a winter workshop in 2020. 
Diversity Awareness also ranked high in interest and will be an  workshop or workshop series this fall.
Metaphysical Bible Interpretation also got significant interest.  I will be doing a series in August and September with Bible Characters and there will be time after the service for those interested in continuing the conversation. 
Nonviolent Communication, How to Pray Without Talking to God and the Abundance classes got some interest.  We may have classes or workshops base on those in the coming year. 

Thank you to all who participated in the survey and we look forward to seeing you at Sunday services and classes. 

What Was That Song? 

Got a song from church stuck in your head, but can't remember all of it? Want to hear the music from Sunday again?  Need a little pick me up during the week?  Want to know more about one of the songs and who the artist is?  Need some inspiration?  Or just some comfort from something familiar?   Now you can have all that!   Hear the music sung by the original artist! It's the songs that we sing every Sunday on our new YouTube Playlist ----   

ULV Music is a playlist especially designed for you!!!    

Chaplain Training in September

If you are a member of ULV and have been thinking about becoming a chaplain, NOW is the time!  Our next chaplain training will be September 7th.  Contact Wilma Alvarez or Rick Stober if you are interested in joining the dynamic, prayerful energy of this team!    


Join us August 11th for "Resilience Through Spirituality" with Rev. Wilma Alvarez, LUT

Overcoming and growing through setbacks and discussion of the 3 elements:  commitment, challenge and personal control in regard to spirituality.  

What are you grateful for? 

Thank you to Michael Duck, aka "Not For Coltrane", for sharing his music to inspire and lift up our Love Your Neighbor service!  Thanks to Mark Eutermoser for leading our congregational music while Anthony is away.   

We appreciate our Daily Word readers, including Wilma Alvarez this past Sunday! 

Special thanks to Richard Rogers for serving Video duty three weeks in a row!  That's a dedicated NEW volunteer on the team and we appreciate the stellar training he got from Edward Buchman! 

And thanks to Rick Stober for being willing to do double duty as chaplain and usher.  Thank you also to Joyce Buchman for volunteering to cover as Usher on Sunday.   We have an amazing village! 

Great job Marisa Lenci and the Board leading our UP Meeting!  And thank you to all who participated with questions and comments. 

If you are grateful for something at ULV, send a message to the office: unitylv@rcn.com   

August 25th:  Back to School Blessing
Sept 8th: Annual Picnic at Emmaus Park
Sept 12th: World Day of Prayer 

Great Djembe Jam led by Moe Jerant (Jo Bomba on backline and leading Dharma Dancers) will perform at Musikfest, Monday, August 5, 2019 1:30 to 2:30 at Volksplatz

Sept 30th to Oct 3  Unity Eastern Region Conference 
It's that time again! 2019 Eastern Region Fall Conference! This year, the conference takes place at the  Seaview, a Dolce Hotel in beautiful Galloway, NJ. With golf courses that host professional tours, presentations on a variety of topics, new and familiar musicians and always the opportunity to connect with other Unity churches the fall conference is a worthwhile investment with easy travel.  For more information and to register CLICK HERE

  Saturday, August 10th Stand Up for Humanity                              at the Lincoln Reflecting Pool hosted by Unity of Washington, D.C.  
Click Here for their website

Just north of us, Kirkridge offers great opportunities for renewal and spiritual exploration.   Check out upcoming programs at their website by  CLICKING HERE

Bradbury-Sullivan Center Classes, Workshops and Support
  Go to their website by CLICKING HERE    The Center is located at 522 W Maple Street in downtown Allentown.  
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