April 2022
Kensington News & Updates
Message from Mark
Dear Team,

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing my departure from Coeur and Kensington. 

Over the past seven years, we have worked together to transform Kensington into the successful operation that it is today. I will miss the work at Kensington, but most of all I will miss the friendships I have built and the outstanding team that I will leave behind. I’m very proud of what we have achieved together. 

As Kensington embarks on this exciting new chapter you will be in good hands. I’m pleased to announce that effective May 13th Steve Ball will take on the leadership role as the interim General Manager. Steve has demonstrated strong leadership skills since his arrival in 2017. His experience leading diverse teams and his knowledge of Kensington will be key to unlocking the opportunities ahead. Please join me in congratulating Steve on his new leadership role.

Over the next 5 weeks, I will continue in my role while supporting the transition to new leadership on May 13th when I finally brass out. I’m excited to see where you and Steve take Kensington and will continue to watch from afar.  
Company Benefits Alert!
REMINDER: Employee Referral Program

Employees who refer a candidate that is hired by Coeur will receive a $500 bonus after the referred employee has successfully worked 6 months. Please note, candidates who have already started the interview process prior to being referred, as well as previous employee referrals, will not be eligible to be an employee referral.
Kensington Culture

A healthy culture serves as a unifying force for our organization and facilitates our ability to deliver on strategy. Each year Coeur asks employees to participate in a Culture Survey and the results are used to identify areas for improvement.

We heard your concerns and we are taking action! The table below shows our progress toward our culture improvements at site.
Welcome New Miners!
  • Scott Begley - Mine Operations
  • Everett Condry - IT
Welcome to the Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine!
Employee Milestones
  • Jay DeWald - 1 year
  • Logan Valentine - 2 years
  • Kenny Bowman - 5 years
  • Daniel Dull - 5 years
  • Timothy Lee - 5 years
  • Jason McDonald - 5 years
  • Xavier Ortega - 5 years
  • Steven Schmidt- 5 years
  • Ann Gilberto - 6 years
  • Kevin Collison - 6 years
  • George Swain - 7 years
  • Nick Cashen - 8 years
  • Nathan Piper - 10 years
  • Rick Philbrick - 10 years
  • Taylor Smith - 12 years
  • Alan Gordon - 16 years
Pursuing a Higher Standard
The following employees were nominated by their peers in March for the Pursuing a Higher Standard Peer Recognition Award.

  • Daniel Moore
  • Jimmy Parkin
  • Bryan Thomas
  • James Inch
  • Shane Musich
  • Sitini Kauvaka
  • Matthew Richmond

Congratulations on your recognition, and thank you for being an example of how Coeur Alaska Pursues a Higher Standard!

Do you want to nominate a peer for the award? Fill out a nomination form and submit it to Amanda Vredenburg at
Also, congratulations to Shane Musich for winning the 1st Quarter Pursuing A Higher Standard PTO Day Drawing!
Safety Focus: Hand Safety and Injury Prevention
Did you know that, while gloves are the most common form of PPE found in the workplace, hand injuries are still the second leading type of injury on the job?

Use these safe work practices to help avoid injury and project your hands, both on, and off the job: 

  • When possible, use tools to remove your hands from the line of fire. 
  • Use safety knives, rather than fixed open-blade knives. 
  • Never put your hand in an area where you cannot see it. 
  • Always wear the proper gloves for whatever work task you are doing and understand the limitations of your gloves. 
  • Never work on an energized piece of equipment. 

Environmental Update
There were two reportable spills during the month, both of which were small hydraulic oil spills. There were no environmental permit excursions or water quality exceedances during the month. Great Job everyone! 

A quick reminder that Module 1 of the Site Environmental Training is due on April 10th. Please complete the environmental training at your earliest convenience.

Great news - we received the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Clean Water Act Section 404 permit as part of the Plan of Operations Amendment 1 (POA 1) permitting process. This permit allows us to continue placement of tailings into the Tailings Treatment Facility.  
Keeping our Community Clean
Our annual Coeur Alaska cleanup will take place this year on Friday, April 29th. If you or any of your teammates are in Juneau, please join us from 9-11:00 am to help clean! We will have bags and gloves available at the town office.

If you can’t make it on Friday, the 2022 Annual Juneau Litter Free Citywide Cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, April 30th from 8-10:00 am. You can find more information and locations for bag sites on Litter Free’s website  or the Facebook event page

Don't live in Juneau? You can help clean up around your community! It's a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

If you participate outside of the Coeur Alaska cleanup, please be sure to send Rochelle Lindley your volunteer hours! Tracking our volunteer hours is an important way that we show our positive community impact.